2 thoughts on “17% (22% in California) of That Hope and Change”

  1. I watched this a bit earlier tonight at jim Hoft’s site, and I’d like to paraphrase one of the comments from there…
    they asked why the 60 Minutes crew didn’t dig a little bit deeper and ask who these unemployed folks in the valley voted for 2 years ago, and perhaps who they’d vote for now. I suppose it doesn’t help to *always* “pile-on” regarding their voter remorse… But the alternative isn’t paying the bills either.

    1 week to go Maggie!

    nobody gets to phone in sick next monday.

  2. Some observations:
    Notice how they smile and go on. Americans are resourceful. Notice how they do not ask for welfare or look resentful of the government or of their bosses. American can do, I will make it, spirit.
    Notice how they don’t blame big oil, pharmaceutical companies, evil corporations, racists, or China.
    Notice how many of them are white.
    Notice how little they sound like Democrats or how they do not mention that they love Obama and company.
    Notice how 60 Minutes doesn’t diagnose the problem.

    It’s all Bush’s fault.

    Come on November!

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