FL-25: Meet the friends of Joe Garcia — Part 6

As a public service, the following is the sixth installment of an ongoing series that will continue through election day, November 2nd. The data provided comes courtesy of The Shark Tank, a Florida politics blog.

The campaign of Joe Garcia, the Democratic candidate for Florida’s 25th congressional district, has a lot of friends. And since nothing says friendship better than a fat check, they have donated tens of thousands of dollars to Joe Garcia’s campaign. It is important that South Florida voters learn just who are these friends since few things rings truer than the old adage, “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.”

So let’s meet some more of Joe Garcia friends:

Richard Reposa– Attorney/Accountant (Works closely with John Cabañas)

Donated- $4800

Maria Reposa (Wife)


The second company to receive a license from OFAC, Miami International Charters, is a new player in the Cuba charter business. It was established last June and is owned and managed by Pompano Beach accountant Richard Reposa.

Reposa’s and Blanco’s new flights are likely to double the 8 to 10 charters now flying to Cuba per week, industry officials said, depending on decisions by Havana civil aviation officials. (CHARTERS)

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3 thoughts on “FL-25: Meet the friends of Joe Garcia — Part 6”

  1. But of course, all these large donations for thousands of dollars from exceedingly dubious donors are irrelevant. They don’t mean a thing. Not worth mentioning. Or at least that would appear to be the Miami Herald’s opinion, since to my knowledge they’ve effectively ignored the matter. Imagine that.

  2. “Rumors has it” that the DemocRats are being instrumental in backing FAKE “Tea Party” candidate Roly Arrojo in the 25th district to syphon votes from David Rivera. The same happened during the Primaries. Tea party denies that he’s one of them.

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