FL-25: What is it about Joe Garcia?

Photo: Latinamericanstudies.org

What is it about Joe Garcia, the Democratic candidate for Florida’s 25th congressional district, that attracts the financial support from individuals such as Magda Montiel Davis?

On October 22nd, Ms. Montiel Davis contributed $1,000.00 to Joe Garcia’s campaign.

Why does Joe Garcia seem to attract persons like Magda Montiel Davis, who kisses a murderous dictator and calls him a “great teacher”? What motivates these types of individuals to contribute large amounts of cash to Joe Garcia’s campaign?

It is a valid question that voters in South Florida deserve to have answered. Unfortunately, the only paper in town, the Herald, is not asking it. They seem to be too busy chasing down rumors and hearsay about David Rivera.

7 thoughts on “FL-25: What is it about Joe Garcia?”

  1. All of the usual suspects, including the Herald, are salivating at the thought of Joe Garcia sticking it to “those people,” meaning people like us. The anticipation of such an orgasmic satisfaction is simply irresistible. Damn all circumspection and discretion! Who cares how obvious it is? They want it really, really badly. May they all get, at best, a miserable little premature ejaculation.

  2. Ms Montiel atates …..”I have defended my dignity and position. I have not sold out”
    WOW!! How sick can this mind be?
    Defended her dignity? Dignity to kiss the face of the man responsible for the death of thousands of Cuban men, women and children. Who would have had her own father shot without a doubt if the Castro State security had gotten there hands on him.
    She calls this Dignity?
    Has not sold out?
    For god sakes….she not only sold out her family, the people who raised her and gave her the love and education she needed to be successful ……But she also sold out the Nation AND the people who gave her sanctuary.
    This women is a sick creature.

  3. I wonder which US administration will eventually round up all these characters and charge them as Castro agents/spies. There seems to be quite a long list (especially here in South Florida) that qualify for these type of charges.

  4. The names are coming out very slowly, there are many more charter and freight to Cuba “business people” contributing to this friend of Rangel and Pelosi.

  5. Babalu is absolutely “Tearing the roof of the sucka!” with this expose! Again, I now wonder if the sainted CANF …was all it was played up to be, even in it’s hey-day?

    Didn’t anyone, among all those (genuine, I like to think) Castro-experts finger or call out this Garcia guy?….


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