FL-25: Joe Garcia’s lawsuit to have David Rivera taken off the ballot dismissed

Joe Garcia will stop at nothing to win the congressional seat for Florida’s 25th District. His campaign has taken in tens of thousands of dollars from nefarious individuals and organizations, and in a desperate attempt to steal the election from his opponent, David Rivera, a couple of his cronies filed a frivolous lawsuit claiming Rivera lied on his financial disclosure forms.

It was a desperate attempt by a desperate man, and the judge hearing the case felt the same way. The lawsuit has been dismissed.

Lawsuit to Boot Rivera From Ballot Dismissed

Court tosses out legal complaint

Good thing Joe Garcia hasn’t stopped campaigning because it looks like the fight for Congress is still on.

A Miami-Dade judge has tossed out a lawsuit that sought to boot Republican David Rivera off the ballot because of some questionable items on his financial disclosure forms.

The lawsuit was filed last week by two Garcia supporters, who were just trying to make things a little easier for their favorite candidate. The rivals are vying for the District 25 Congressional seat vacated by Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart.

Rivera allegedly claimed in his financial forms that a major source of his income was the U.S. Agency for International Development for the years 2003-2009.

But USAID had no history of hiring Rivera, who said he did consulting work for them through another business.

Rivera’s camp said the legal papers were an attempt by a desperate candidate and that the allegations had no merit. A judge agreed.

Maria Teresa Pascual and William Barzee, the two who filed the complaint, can appeal the decision but with only a few days to election time, that’s not likely.

The Miami New Times has a quote from Judge Bagley, the judge who dismissed the lawsuit:

Bagley didn’t try to hide his skepticism over the suit, which was based almost entirely on recent reports by the Miami Herald. “What’s reported in the news media … is not always true, and secondly it’s not evidence. You know that,” Bagley said.

A stinging indictment on the lack of ethics displayed by both Joe Garcia and the Miami Herald.

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  1. I voted not for Rivera but against Garcia, a position I wish my fellow republicans had not left me in,as in the primary I voted for someone else. I took a calculated risk on the possibility of Rivera being a sleazier than usual pol because I beleive we cannot afford to send a liberal assclown like Joe Garcia to Congress, particularly with this president.
    Please post something to make me feel better. Oh, and I still want to know how Rivera made a living.

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