The Planted

Throughout the long history of Castro’s Cuba there has been groups of brave and courageous political prisoners that have proudly referred to themselves as Los Plantados, the Planted. In the most literal sense of the word, they plant themselves in their convictions and their dignity, refusing to obey the orders of a criminal regime by among other things, rejecting prison garb, embarking on hunger strikes, and refusing to acknowledge the Castro regime as their rulers.

Castro’s gulags are filled with these brave freedom fighters, and it is no coincidence that the prisoners of conscience originally included in the list of 52 political prisoners yet to be released happen to be firmly planted in their convictions and continue to reject the regime’s offer of freedom in return for banishment as it has been presented to them through its accomplice, the Catholic Church.

Marc at Uncommon Sense profiles a couple of these courageous men:

Cuban political prisoner Osvaldo González rejects chance to be kicked out of Cuba

Cuban political prisoner Rafael Ibarra rejects exile to Spain

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  1. Since the early days of the “robolution” Los Plantados refused to wear the prison garb of the common criminal. They also refused the indoctrination forced on them. For the duration of their imprisonment all they had for clothing was their underwear. Summer or winter, it didn’t make a difference. The castro government even withheld blankets and sheets as punishment.

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