DREAM Boat Harry


By hook, crook, DOJ lawsuit, or dead duck the democrats are bound and determined to get illegal immigration legalized in this country. I think Harry Reid just handed Sharron Angle campaign ad fodder for the next couple days. Hopefully there is an actual audio of him saying this out there that she can use. Lord knows Angle has the bucks now after the unintentional “Foot-In-Yap Behar Money Bomb” on her behalf.

The “Lame Duck” session promises to be a scorched nation attack on the American voters who will have just voted the bulk of the bums out. It will be the communist/democrat bestowing a swift and damning punishment on the “unwashed masses” who dared believe this nation was founded on a representative government. How dare we rise up and stand in the way of their “progress”.

They really are just begging for pitchforks and torches on The Capitol lawn.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is promising a vote on immigration legislation in the lame-duck session after the Nov. 2 midterms.

He told Univision’s Jorge Ramos in an interview scheduled to air Sunday morning on the network’s “Al Punto” show that he will bring the bill to the floor during the session.

“If you follow the Senate, you will know that I can’t give you an exact date when we’re going to introduce the legislation: tomorrow, or tomorrow night … The Senate isn’t an organism that follows time exactly. I will push the legislation as quickly as I can,” Reid said, according to a translation of his remarks as dubbed in Spanish.

“I have worked on this for a long time and will continue to do. I am pleased that the president is open to helping us- that is extraordinarily important. I also want to be sure that Republicans are willing to help us because we have to get something done.”

The DREAM act would allow students in the country illegally to earn permanent residency if they graduate from high school and complete two years in college or the military.

Reid tried to add the measure to the annual defense authorization bill in September, which angered Republicans. He is in a tough fight to keep his Senate seat and is hoping for support from Nevada’s huge chunk of Hispanic voters.