We are not “Latinos”

Here’s a message to the race-baiting, out of touch , hopefully one term president who called upon “Latinos” to “Punish  Your Enemies.”

Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America

Sir, we are not “Latinos”

 Just recently we heard in a TV program that President Obama was referring to people of a diversity of nationalities or origins as “LATINOS”.  It sounded as a despective way to many of the people who consider themselves as Hispano-Americans based on their roots and culture or the language they speak.  We must tell Mr. President or any one that many of us felt it an offensive or despective way to refer to our ethnical group as “Latinos.”

 Of course, we must acknowledge that there are a lot of debates and confusions about how to define the people whose origins are in any of the 21 nations south of the Border.  For some we are Latin-Americans, for others we are Hispano-Americans, and yet for many others we are South-Americans.  But the terminology does not end there…in many other cases we are called Ibero-Americans.

 Yet, we must STOP AND come to establish the proper definition of the ethnical and cultural adjectives to name and call people South of the Border, as HISPANO-AMERICANS.  Based on the language heritage, and cultural legacy, most of the people south of the Border speak Spanish the main language of the Hispanic peninsula.  Also called Iberia because of part or its primitive inhabitants: the Ibers, but since then the Ibers and the rest of the inhabitants adopted and spoke the Spanish language and derived from the Greco Latin roots, the proper term for the present day inhabitants of the South and Central America, should be Hispano-Americans.

 The term or word “Latinos” sounds to most of us in North America as a despective “nigger” word very much used before to refer to the black Americans, Mr. President.

Pedro Martori



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