When A Politician Truly Believes in America

In the last couple days I have seen this exceptional campaign ad from Marco Rubio. I can’t recall seeing it posted here, and I checked archives. If it’s a repeat … I won’t apologize. It’s just that great. I believe the term I’m seeing around the blogs is “Reaganesque” …

1 thought on “When A Politician Truly Believes in America”

  1. “Reaganesque”? Doesn’t that explain all the more why the left is pulling every desperate, stupid, dirty trick to stop Marco Rubio?

    Today we have the moronic spectacle of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., calling Mr. Rubio a ‘crackpot’?

    ‘Crackpot’? Isn’t young Kennedy the budding wit? Isn’t this the same one rich brat who bombs around in his outboard boat, ratting out supposed ‘corporate polluters’ on the Hudson River, who then have to pay large shakedown fees?

    Isn’t his uncle Jack, he of the Big Hair & Big Teeth, the same one who handed Cuba to castro and the soviets in order to cover his incompetence during the Missile Crisis and the Bay of Pigs?

    Let’s not forget Uncle Ted, ‘the swimmer’, who killed funding for the Viet Nam War and thus caused the deaths of millions of people in both Viet Nam and Cambodia.

    Oh, and then there’s Michael “They’ll never arrest me, I’m a Kennedy” Skaekel, the Kennedy nephew who as a teenager bludgeoned to death young, beautiful, Martha Moxley with one of daddy’s golf clubs. Just so you don’t think our Mikey is all work and no compassion, when he realized young Martha Moxley was still alive, he shoved the broken gold club through her neck, thus drowning her in her own blood.

    And for years, this fat slob boasted to residents of Greenwich, Connecticut, ‘They’ll never arrest me, I’m a Kennedy’. And then Mark Furman investigated this fat murderous braggart. And arrest him they did. And now he’s sitting time, for a long time.

    And this is the bunch that calls Marco Rubio a silly name? Why how very original of those Kennedys, eh? Isn’t that what they did in the old, gone, soviet union?

    Let’s hope this squalid pile of leftists keeps mouthing their inane, vicious, juvenile insults. The more they yap, the more clearly citizens see them for what they’ve long been

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