4 thoughts on “Will Barry Take His Own Advice?”

  1. Take his own advice? Sure, just as soon as Jimmy Carter admits he was a colossal failure to whom we largely owe the current Iranian threat. Don’t hold your breath.

  2. The Carter Glory Years, what a magnificent era that was. Ayatolla cockamamie and his goons holding 444 Americans hostage, Mr. Peanuts writing stern ‘would you consider letting them go, pretty please’ letters to the ayatollah, which surely sent the ayatolla scrambling to tighten up his Depends.

    No gas. No gas. No gas. Oil short, expensive. Freeze in winter. Swelter in summer. Double digit inflation, unemployment, interest rate. The misery index. Malaise. Soviets rising. America sinking. General Jaruszelski of Poland glowering on the TV news all the time, looking thru those magnificent oversized sunglasses he wore.

    Failed hostage rescue mission. The Navy unable to put to sea. The Air Force grounded. It just went on and on and on. Stupid fashions. Even the music stunk. Earth tones.

    So why on earth to people, after periods of prosperity, liberty, and general well being, vote the kind of above misery right back in?

    Commie propaganda. That’s why. Slogans. Propaganda. Marxstream media lies.

    But it all blew up on them during the last two years. Even clinton couldn’t pull his dirty tricks on Kendrick Meek & Marco Rubio – foiled he was by the very Internet he advocated.

    Remember the original clintonian ‘vision’ for the Net? We’d all be drugged up, strapped to our couches, reading The clinton/algore Net all day, loving the propaganda, heading for our doom.

    Then came Newsmax. Drudge. WND. Atlas Shrugged. American Thinker. Babalublog. Kill-Castro.com, The Real Cuba…etc etc etc by the millions, and little by little, the propaganda began to fail, and fail…

  3. Drill:

    You seem to be taking Obama’s advice to Bush in 2006 way out of context. What happened in 2006 and what will most likely happen in 2010 cannot be compared. The situations are completely different, and you cannot look at the events of 2010 in the same way you did 2006.

    You see, the main and the most significant difference is that in 2006 the Democrats won, and in 2010 the Republicans will win. To Dems, liberals, the media, etc., 2006 was a victory, a mandate from the American people because it was Dems getting elected. In 2010, it’s the reverse, and everyone knows that if Republicans are getting elected, then it must mean there is something wrong with the country. It is racist, homophobic, stupid, whatever.

    Obama will never see the connection between what happened in 2006 and what will happen in a couple of days because he does not have the objective capacity or the intellectual honesty to do so.

    Remember, it is that same lack of objectivity and intellectual dishonesty that will lead a liberal to tell you that the majority of the voters in this nation are racists after over 50% of those same voters voted for a black man.

    • We lost in 2006 because we lost our way, we forgot our conservative principles. Republicans in Congress were no better than the Democrats. Let this election cycle be a warning to the Republicans elected on Tuesday and the others in the caucus: WE THE PEOPLE will no longer tolerate the behavior that got us in this shitstorm in the first place.

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