Update 2- Video Replaced (for now): Not So Bad … After All


OK, when clicking on the Bush Pitch video an error is coming up. Try clicking on the youtube direct link for this video if that happens. Sometimes people who post their vids do this whatnot to keep them from being posted.


At some point last night or earlier today the MLB had YouTube scrub the FOX media copies from their site. This is a video taken by someone in the stands. A different angle but still a good one. Watch it quick before it gets scrubbed.

And Honey requested the video of Obama in “Mom-Jeans” and limp-wristed pitch from last year.

5 thoughts on “Update 2- Video Replaced (for now): Not So Bad … After All”

  1. I can’t get it to play. They say it is blocked on copyright grounds.
    But if you can get it to play, please show it with Obama’s first pitch.

  2. Thanks. Did Obama’s throw bounce? It sure looked like it did. Well it was better than last year.
    But Bush looked wonderful. A sight for sore eyes. USA! I loved that chanting. Do they ever do that with Obama?

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