A couple of reasons to vote no on Florida Amendments 5&6

Was just getting ready for tomorrow and looking over the proposed amendments to the Florida Constitution and came across amendments 5 & 6 which are supposed to create “fair” congressional districts. Several years ago I was approached in a Publix parking lot and asked to sign a petition for “fairer” congressional districts and I told the woman no. She asked me, “you’re not for for fairer districts?”. My answer was simple, “for 100 years Democrats controlled the State Legislature and drew the districts as they saw fit, now that Republicans are in charge it’s our turn.” Need another reason to vote no? The Herald says to vote yes.

2 thoughts on “A couple of reasons to vote no on Florida Amendments 5&6”

  1. Don’t just stop at the Herald. Look who is backing these amendments from their Brickell Avenue offices. SEIU, NAACP, AFL-CIO and a George Soros backed group called Democracy Now/ Democracia Ahora! Need I say more.

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