FL-25: Meet the friends of Joe Garcia — Part 12

As a public service, the following is the twelfth and last installment of an ongoing series that ends today, November 2nd. The data provided comes courtesy of The Shark Tank, a Florida politics blog.

The campaign of Joe Garcia, the Democratic candidate for Florida’s 25th congressional district, has a lot of friends. And since nothing says friendship better than a fat check, they have donated tens of thousands of dollars to Joe Garcia’s campaign. It is important that South Florida voters learn just who are these friends since few things rings truer than the old adage, “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.”

So let’s meet some more of Joe Garcia friends:

Isidora Borja– CEO,PEC International


“Get rid of the embargo, then get ready for boom time: One must try to discover the reasons why Miami has been given such a remarkable award as America’s Poorest City. Among many, I would suggest that one is our elected officials in Washington, who have been exchanging political favors in the House and Senate to maintain a useless embargo against Cuba instead of bringing badly needed federal funds to our area.” Miami New Times 2002

You can see and read all the installments of this series HERE.

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  1. Has Garcia said one word regarding all these hefty donations from such highly unsavory donors? Has anybody addressed this topic, other than a couple of blogs?

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