Okay. I just can’t keep linking here and not seeing this, so, here goes …

I have been debating for the better part of the last two hours doing this. It’s the guys’ territory, so I stayed back. However, I suspect they are at the Rubio victory party and not near a computer. So just have at this until they get on here with the proper post.

BTW, LaRaza is reporting 62% of Hispanics went for Rubio and republicans in the Sunshine State.

God bless, Marco Rubio! Kick butt in Washington D.C.

AWESOME VIDEO LINK ADDED: And then there’s apparently another great win in Florida with Lt.Col. Allen West. He is a great man, and our nation is blessed to have him as well.

Thank you, Florida. Wish other parts of the country had come their to senses as you did.


Senator-Elect Marco Rubio’s speech

From what I’ve seen, Kendrick Meek conducted himself with class and professionalism, especially in the face of the democrat meddling for Charlie Crist (However, that mention of the VFW PAC endorsement isn’t something to hang your hat on)

14 thoughts on “MARCO!!!”

  1. By the way, the Miami-Herald will end-up with eggs in their faces if Rick Scott and David Rivera win and I’ll wonder who was manipulating those polls.

  2. Yep I voted for Rubio and Am Cuban Not Hispanic, LMAO

    Call me Hispanic again and we are going to tango, I’m Not in Panic about anything, LMAO

  3. Wahiro

    Hey, the Politico story and LaRaza used “Latino” … I made the slight adjustment on the fly (that’s hockey-talk).

  4. It was magnificent at the Biltmore tonight. Everyone looked positively exhuberant. For a very long time I had not felt this hopeful, but it made me realize that if this country is ever to go down, it won’t be without a good fight, and that’s very encouraging.
    Go Marco and God Bless America!!

  5. I can tell you it was one of the most inspiring political speeches I’ve ever heard. He spoke truth. Nothing is more powerful than truth. Especially when you’re willing to listen to it.

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