David Rivera beats Joe Garica

Despite the tens of thousands of dollars that poured into Joe Garcia’s campaign from dubious individuals and organizations, and despite the Miami Herald’s tireless efforts to report every single unfounded rumor they could find on his opponent, David Rivera, Joe Garcia’s campaign to become the Representative for Florida’s 25th Congressional District went down in flames last night. Garcia didn’t just lose, he was decidedly rejected by double digits by the district’s voters: 53% to 42%.

Garica’s loss appears to be a bitter pill for the The Miami Herald to swallow as they couldn’t resit taking a few more swipes at the Republican victor in their article reporting the district’s election outcome.  But this is the Miami Herald, so no one should really be surprised.

1 thought on “David Rivera beats Joe Garica”

  1. Ah, the Herald. Well, at least it’s consistent. May it get what it deserves. Same to Joe Garcia and his more than dubious supporters.

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