“I will always be the son of Cuban Exiles.”

Last night was a first for me.

Although I’ve been involved in conservative politics for more years than I’d wish to count, I’ve never really been one to attend rallies and all that rot. I’d much rather vote and donate, as far as I can, to support the candidates of my choice. Now I write about them and that gives me a measure of satisfaction to be able to put down my thoughts about why I support a particular candidate. Reagan, of course, was special to me. I heard him for the first time in 1976 and knew that this man was going to be my President. George W. Bush, whom I unapologetically supported twice, is another, although I had my differences with his policies.

But I made an exception in Marco’s case because I see something special in this man. It’s not only the fact that he’s a superb orator, better than some who are given way too much credit; it’s not only because he is a conservative in the Reagan mold as I am; it’s not only because he’s a fellow cubiche, which in the grand scheme of things is only an ethnic pride issue and has nothing to do with the measure of the man. I went last night because I detected a combination of traits in Marco that very few politicians have: dignity, humility and patriotism.

All great statesmen know that their work is greater than themselves. Marco has always given me the impression that he considers the mission to be more important than the man carrying it out. His words last night were true to that. He loves this country so much: where else, as he said in his eloquent and moving speech, could the son of a maid and a bartender become a US Senator. But he said something else that rang true and clear with me since I, too, share it with him. I’m a son of Cuban exiles, too. My parents and grandparents sacrificed everything to bring me to the United States, to give me the opportunities I would not have had under communism. And for that life-shattering choice, I’ll be eternally grateful, as Marco is of his parents.

While it’s sad that his dad passed away before he could his the success of his son, I can tell you, without a scintilla of doubt, that Marco’s dad was looking at him from above last night, beaming with pride about his little boy, this “son of Cuban exiles,” who has achieved so much because of the grand sacrifices of others, and who is destined to achieve even more.

You are blessed beyond words, Marco.

Now… Go to DC and kick some ass.

God bless the United States of America.

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  1. Correction, George. He should go to DC and kick LOTS of ass. There’s plenty of assholes still left in our government.

  2. Marco Rubio, son of Cuban exiles, is the embodiment of the AMERICAN dream. But yes, this is every bit as much a victory for his parents as for him, and his parents represent the true, and truly noble, Cuban exile, not the twisted, malicious caricature long promoted by the MSM and other members of the liberal elite. I hope that vile assholes like the cartoonist Oliphant and Michael Moore are gagging and choking on this victory.

  3. Gosh George, I’m all choked up. This has certainly been a couple of days of strong and sweet emotions; much like Cuban coffee.

    I agree with you in every point you have masterfully written regarding Marco and last night’s events.

    This was my first political rally, as since I left NYC, far be it from me to be in large crowds, much less political ones. But I simply needed to be part of something so magnificent on so many levels.

    I too come from parents who made enormous sacrifices so that I would grow up free and lacking for nothing. They taught me to love this nation and to seize, work and be grateful for every opportunity directed my way. That was the generation from which you, most of the other Babalusians and Marco come from, so that when we stand in solidarity, it is much more than empty ethnic pride, it is a culmination of decades of input and proof that righteousness prevails.

    Thank you for the hours of research and hard work all of you do to keep us up to date on matters of great importance to us a a community. If it weren’t for you guys, I would have never heard of Marco early on, but because I did, I was able to rally many others and even inspire someone to work tirelessly for the campaign.

    Thank you for bringing in Drill and for honoring Honey, so that their respective contributions and input have become a part of your website. They not only contribute, but validate our long held beliefs.

    Again, thank you,….y me quedo corta.


  5. Alley Kat,
    My mouth is agape. I am reading your moving piece and there pops up my name as if I could possibly matter in the grand scheme of things. Wow. Thank you.

    I cried when I heard Rubio’s speech, especially when he said that one thing will forever be true, that he’d always be the son of Cuban exiles. I thought of babalu and cried out of happiness that this message was going out all over the world.
    Rubio has that perfect quality of sweetness, approachability, and humility. He is smart, articulate and will be a brilliant representative for Florida and especially for the exile community. I met him for a minute and told him two things:
    I told him many people are counting on him to do us proud and supporting him with highest hopes. I said this is true of conservatives, but especially true of the Cuban exile community. I said, “Don’t let us down. don’t promise all sorts of good things and then go to Washington to betray our hopes.” He assured me very seriously that he would not disappoint us. (Forgive me if I love that the first thing he is doing since being elected is making a trip to Israel.)
    The second thing I told him is, “You are adorable. DO NOT CHEAT ON YOUR WIFE! You have so many people who need you to be upstanding and to do only things to make us proud.”
    He answered me, “Do you know how you will know if I cheated on my wife? The next day in the newspaper you will see an article on how Marco Rubio was found dead on his kitchen floor of suspicious circumstances. Perhaps suicide.” He is very cute. What a smile!
    I am so pleased for all of you here to have this darling, principled man to represent you and all of Florida as your Senator.
    Thank you again Alley Kat for letting me see my name there as part of such a beautiful post and hablaron.

  6. In the words of a very dear friend, an 82 year old exile…”we have waited so long” as tears streamed down her face.

    Thank you Senator Rubio.

  7. Well Honey, you matter, and you matter very much. We can expect as a family to give each other warm fuzzies all day, but it’s when a neighbor steps in to become part of the family that we can really feel loved and honored. You’re smart and adorable, (never mind what your willfully blind lib friends say) I’m always blessed by reading your coments.
    On another note, I love the two things you said to Marco, I’d like to think if I had a chance I would have said the same things myself, and especially about the cheating on wifey thingy….oh yeah, not only would Jeanette and the kids suffer a great deal, but think of how the left would pounce on that one!!!! Hoo Boy!

    And BTW, I jumped for joy in my seat to read he’s off to Israel on Sunday – – – what a statement!!! Hallelujah! ???

  8. Ooops dunno what happened…those question marks at the end were meant to be hearts (Alt+3) – oh well, I guess this site isn’t meant for my girly expressions …LOL

  9. Alley Kat,
    I teared up at reading this. Truly. Thank you.
    And I agree with all you say, of course.

    It was the eminent Carlos Eire who in one of his letters to me sent me a joke from babalu almost four years ago. I sought you out then, and I found a home here. You don’t have to be Cuban to feel at home at babalu.
    You just have to be three things: always angry, always funny, and always anti communist. That’s me in a nutshell already.
    And everyone here has been so loving to me. I do my best to spread babale’s fame and to bring the truth to everyone who will listen.

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