Sweet victories, bitter defeats

Nice Deb has a good roundup of the sweetest victories and bitterest defeats of Tuesday night’s election.

4. Sharron Angle NV Senate: There is no way I can overstate my disappointment in Nevada voters for their decision to send the lamest, mangiest, dingiest Dem of them all, Harry “The Iraq War is Lost” Reid, back to the Senate, even as their economy faces an extended losing streak. Was ACORN involved?


8. Sean Bielat MA-4: Just why? How could this young, appealing Marine Vet lose to pompous windbag, Barney Frank, one of the architects of the financial crisis? What is in the water in the Commonwealth’s 4th district?

These two are the bitterest pills for me to swallow…

4 thoughts on “Sweet victories, bitter defeats”

  1. Don’t have the answers but, as a great Bielat fan, my guess is that he came on the radar scope a bit late in the race; no one knew anyone was running against BF — gee, for a while Barney probably didn’t even think anybody was running against him. Yet Bielat put the race on the map, though not early enough to gather support. But the best news is that we are seeing in these very blue districts, young, sharp, dedicated firebrands like Bielat willing to step up to the plate. Sean is an accomplished, classy guy with a future …. let’s not forget how many times Lincoln tried before he succeeded, nor that Reagan ran 3 times before he won.

  2. Voting for a Barney Frank now, against practically any opponent, is an unqualified disgrace. Frank’s abysmal performance has done serious harm far beyond his constituency. This is public knowledge. How noxious does a politician have to be to become unacceptable? I cannot respect or trust anyone who would still support him, because it makes no sense, especially against someone as solid as Bielat. It’s a willful disregard of the public good and a threat to the public welfare. Unfortunately, it’s absolutely clear many voters are unfit to vote, and MA has a rather bad track record, as evidenced by the very long tenure of Ted Kennedy. I assume the idea was to help Obama or deny help to the Republicans, as opposed to actually wanting Frank to stay in office, but still, how can one not be ashamed of voting for such an atrociously bad actor? Reid’s survival is somewhat more understandable, if not justifiable, and the California results are simply proof of serious, widespread dysfunction among CA voters, which is hardly news, even if it only seems to get worse.

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