I told you so….

The master plan derailed:

Lots of foreign leaders have reason to regret the outcome of the U.S. midterm elections, from the Norweigan Nobel peace prize committee to Russia’s Dmitry Medvedev. But if there is one big un-American loser from Tuesday’s vote, it’s got to be Raul Castro.

For months the Cuban dictator and his semi-retired brother Fidel have been waging a charm offensive aimed at the Obama administration and Congress. They’ve sent some political prisoners into exile; invited American journalists to Havana; and encouraged Cuba’s Roman Catholic cardinal to lobby for them in Washington. Fidel even denounced anti-semitism.

Their purpose has been obvious: to obtain the easing of U.S. sanctions on Cuba at a time when the country’s economy is desperately in need of help. In particular, the Castros have been hoping for a lifting of the ban on American tourist travel — something that they calculate could bring in a flood of U.S. beach visitors and hard currency. Legislation to do just that has been pending in Congress.

Republican gains in the House of Representatives, and Marco Rubio’s election as Florida’s next Republican senator, almost certainly mean the Castros won’t get their wish.

“Almost certainly?”

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  1. Here, I’ll further clarify the “almost certainly” description concerning the ultimate outcome of the Castro/Ortega policy of ‘chantaje’ directed at the U.S. of A, now in more realist terms:……. “D.O.A.”

  2. You could smell the reek of fear wafting off smug, snide, smarmy left wingers when Marco Rubio declared his candidacy. The aroma was that of loss of influence, as well as the stench of criminals caught.

    The left has played a sly trick on Americans for one hundred years, cloaking its communist schemes with a veneer of altruism, and using its flaks in the now dying MSM to cover its treachery and pimp its lies.

    The left well knows, by virtue of his background, Mr. Rubio can speak truth to its death-dealing lies.

    The soviets, chicoms, and East Bloc nations to some extent have become free and prosperous since the supposed ‘fall of communism’. So to many younger people, their dark history is an abstraction, something read about in history books.

    But castro’s Cuba stands as living testament to the horrors of communism, and the stateside leftists who promote it. Worse yet for leftists, Mr. Rubio hails from the Exile community which can with great clarity, expose communist lies.

    The left, its leaders and promoters at BS-LSD, etc., well know that their smarmy blather about the wonders of socialism are now daily being debunked, rejected, squashed – and blown away in the wind, in manner of sun-baked jackal droppings from a hot desert rock.

    The left pulled every rotten trick to defeat Mr. Rubio. The left failed. The left is about hate, lies, failure, and death. Which is why soros feels it necessary to present his little ‘death seminars’, as if we didn’t know what it’s about – death is communism.

    And the leftists and 70s/80s dope runners who during the 90s reinvented themselves as tycoons and BigPols well realize their crooked dreams may yet come to ruin, founded as they were on drugs, tyranny, child prostitution, and other so-called ‘progressive’ innovations.

    Truth will never be stifled. Our influence counts. Let’s use it.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasota Key, Florida
    04 November, 2010

  3. Methinks that the lame duck won’t be waddling around the Cuban issue; the duck has bigger fish to fry – much bigger problems and grand designs upon the country to sneak thru before January kicks in.

  4. I love it…..
    Before the Gore loss castro inc. remodled airports. befvore this election loss they started on hotels. Looks like they threw away chavez’ money.

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