Yes, I know … The “Why do we care what MSNBC says, nobody watches them” comments will come. However, we cannot ignore the accelerated downward spiral a branch of the supposed media watchdogs has taken over the last over 10 years. It has reached the point of dangerous.

Over at that ‘staunchly unbiased’ MSNBC their top barker has just been suspended indefinitely without pay for breaking MSNBC’s “ethics” (yeah, who knew, eh?) by making contributions to three democrat candidates in this week’s elections.

On their morning zoo show (a term used on radio for ridiculous nonsense for the morning drive to work in your car) MSNBC displayed the back-biting struggle for control over the message going on inside this country’s ugly communist class:

And then comes this … Democrat pollster Mark Penn implies Obama’s only salvation for the American public’s attention and support will come if he could only get himself an Oklahoma-type bombing or something:

Remember, some in the Clinton circle had envied Pres. Bush for 9-11 happening on his watch, and not Willie’s. The fact that Chris Matthews went along with that BS above in the video is sheer journalistic malpractice and blatantly careless. Along with Bill Clinton, these are the same people that pinned responsibility for the Oklahoma City bombing on conservative talkers such as Rush Limbaugh and called for talk radio censorship because of it. And then Comedy Central’s clown Jon Stewart has the onions to suggest FOX News is somehow not balanced? BTW, Obama’s Timmy Geithner seems to think Stewart knows something about how to turn around the nation’s economy …

I repeat … Zoo.

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  1. Comcast (new owners of *NBC) seem to be in the process to clear the decks.

    Maybe to make way for the Alan Greyson Show.


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