The Terrorists Are Laughing


“Islamophobia” is not the fear of Muslims. It’s the fear of being afraid of Muslims.

After 9-11-01 certain items were no longer allowed to be carried onto commercial flights, mostly things deemed ‘weapon-like” … Nail clippers, pocket knives, tweezers, eyelash curlers, knitting needles, etc. There was even a story of an Iraq War soldier entering a flight with a pair of pliers or wire-cutters in his possession that the TSA demanded from him, and insisted on confiscating from the uniformed young man. Why on earth would he be carrying wire cutters onto the commercial flight? Except that he had been instructed to carry them at all times … by his surgeon … who had operated on his broken jaw from a battle wound … and had wired it shut for the healing process. You see, if he didn’t have wire cutters, and he began to choke on vomit or some such he would CHOKE TO DEATH if he couldn’t cut the wires to clear his airway. But airport security didn’t care. Zero tolerance. And if that wasn’t bad enough a Medal of Honor decorated Guadalcanal veteran Retired Marine Gen. Joe Foss (86) was searched and nearly had his MOH confiscated … because of its pointy-ended star.

Then came the shoe bomber from England. And then we had to take off our shoes, exposing our feet to Lord knows what on the airport floors. That soon became scarves, coats, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, belts, hats …

Then came the liquid bombers. So, our carry-on contents of toiletry liquids could be no more than a 3 ounce bottles of whatever. This lead to nursing mothers who had pumped nurse milk into baby bottles for their babies to feed on while in flight, sparing the rest of the passengers from seeing an actual “breast-feeding” session. There was the TSA, inviting one mother to sip the contents to prove it was what she claimed it was. Most bottles were confiscated, until unholy hell was raised. All the while, people were losing their bottles of expensive toiletries and such as the toss bins filled. For some reason a photo of one such airport bins brought to my mind the mounds of confiscated belongings from the Jews as the Nazis processed them through the ‘system’.

Then came the underwear bomber last Christmas over Detroit. Big Sis decided it was time to step-up that handy “strip search” X-ray machine (Rapiscan … yeah, sounds like it looks). As if the citizenry weren’t self-conscious enough about their inadequacies by celebrity-world standards, we are now stripped bare on full display for some smarmy jerk with a high school GPA of 2.0 and an attitude for gawking.

Then came pilots saying “no” to the strip-screen X-rays because they are exposed to more than enough radiation everyday in flight. And that emboldened passengers to say they too weren’t none-too thrilled with the exposure to more RADs, in addition to the naked exposure. Even your once a year visit to the dentist has him/her covering your north and south nether regions with a heavy and cumbersome lead apron.

So, then came the pre-flight molestation. So now you “opt-out” of the peep show, your invisible “personal space” Sister Margaret Mary insisted nobody was to ever physically breech has vanished. (THIS is where the flight attendants now are saying “Oh, hell no!”) The TSA agent loudly announces to the rest of the security screening area that a public molestation is about to begin. The gloved meat hooks begin the alien invasion of your body as you get the touchy-feely, over-under, round-and-round, squeezy-squeeze, up-and-down, whoopee without the cushion … No drinks. No dinner. And since it’s really not ‘consensual’ it’s sexual molestation. Sexual assault and battery. And if you then dare resist or object to the ‘glad-handing’ of your soft warm ‘personal property’, more TSA agents join in the humiliation with threats of it possibly getting … worse. At this point, the attention of the entire population of the standing passengers filing through the “security” system, (thought up and implemented by our very knowledgeable and very PC sensitive and Muslim tolerant Department of Homeland Security), are witness and audience to the travesty of justice.

Let’s be very, very, VERY clear here. This all has absolutely nothing to do with preventing another commercial airliner from being hijacked and used as a missile on a large target, or blown up in mid-air.

It has EVERYTHING to do with refusing to go that short distance between two points. It has EVERYTHING to do with avoiding the one law enforcement tool that has been used for generations, and has been very accurate and successful in it’s usefulness … profiling.

Let’s also be very clear. As it is starkly against their religion and culture, Muslims will not cooperate with these invasive measures (as it should be ours as well). So, as usual, they will be allowed minimal invasion of their privacy backed with threats of lawsuits as they pass through airport security while some TSA free-handing is going on with your 9 year old daughter/son by some stranger as she/he horrifically wonders why their parents are allowing such a violation of their body. But hey, at least we’re not insulting anyone’s culture or religious beliefs.

And this is the enemy’s greatest victory since attacking us on 9-11-01. We are now more terrified of each other than we are of the terrorists.

7 thoughts on “The Terrorists Are Laughing”

  1. Bin Laden achieved his goal, he made our government turn against us.

    The stories are legion. From the outset, many of us predicted terrorists would never again commandeer an aircraft because the next bunch who tried to do so would be subdued by every other passenger aboard the aircraft. So why do airport gauntlet crews persist in treating American citizens like escaped convicts? The answer is self-evident.

    History, books and films are filled with examples of governments who turn against their citizens. First thing they do is restrict travel by assigning goonsquads to chokepoints at airports, train stations, and seaports. No one is saying that’s the intent here, but the result is unfortunately the same. Trucculent moron goonsquads harrass, degrad, annoy, and bully innocent Americans while with a smile they whisk jihado-communists right through because they’re frightened of ‘profiling’ lawsuits.

    Many of us have been saying this since this cruel stupidity began nine years ago.

    There’s a simple solution here: Don’t fly. Yeah, it’s inconvenient and many must fly on company business, but if at all possible, don’t.

    Stay home. Take a cruise. Or drive.

    When you drive, you always know who’s seated around you and no one cares if you’re carrying a weapon.

    If ten percent of us quit flying, the airlines would feel it immediately and the airport DGI-Chekist goonsquads would become a thing of the past.

  2. Paul…
    I don’t think that is the answer. As long as any threat exists the airlines will have to be super careful.
    No, we knew we were in trouble when those doing the searching and making choices about who was to be searched were union folks. They should be security experts.
    So change the protocol of who is selected to do the searching and who is being chosen to be searched.

  3. This makes me want to ask out loud (loudly..) in the airport lineup to board, “but I’m not islamic, do I still need to be checked”? Is this a hate crime?
    I suppose they’d look at it in the same light as those idiots that used to say things like, “no, I don’t have a bomb in my luggage”.

  4. As that soldier in the article, I also had my jaw wired shut (due to a softball accident) and I can’t imagine someone taking those wire cutters (they’re more like a strong pair of scissors) from me. I would have raised holy hell! I carried those things around everywhere. They never left my side for 6 weeks. This incident isn’t about security or profiling, it’s about life and death.
    I understand the need for security, but this is getting out of hand. Yet it’s ok for me to take a couple of lighters on a flight, but not something that can save my life!? Yea, we’ve sure got a bunch of geniuses running the show.

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