UPDATED – ATTENTION Thanksgiving Travelers: Nov. 24th Is National “OPT OUT!” Day …


Now here’s an idea I can get behind … Pun intended … National Opt Out Day November 24, 2010

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving Thursday is the busiest travel day of the year, especially for the nation’s airports. With Big Sis and her DHS avoiding ‘profiling’ those who typically would be “terrorists”, by irradiating innocent travelers (and children) and groping them if the “OPT OUT!” of the X-ray exposure, outraged Americans are taking the matter into their own hands. Yeah, if this is done seriously on a large scale across the nation’s airports (look out Atlanta) it will log-jam travel for the masses standing in line looking to get on their flights … Perhaps even throwing across the board delays for airline flights. But honestly, with CAIR and other ‘religious’ groups issuing fatwas to have their women exempted from the enhanced X-ray screening and the enhanced “pat-downs” we are going down a road here that is greatly flawed and unacceptable. For the record, terrorist men have been known to dress as Muslim women in burkas and blow up people. Oh, and generally the head and neck area are not the best place for concealing weapons and bombs … And “self-patting” kinda sorta defeats the purpose, no?

So, this Thanksgiving is it worth your effort and time and comfort to make this statement about your liberty and freedom? On this Thanksgiving what do you think the Founding Fathers would say or do if they were traveling by plane next week and standing in line with nervous families?

Perhaps a sure way to just bypass the whole “security” system lies in Germany. BTW, Mom was right about that whole “clean underwear” thing.

And guys, we ladies won’t think less of you should you all decide to go full-on Scottish on that travel day. Step into the kilt, baby.

Then tell them “Don’t touch my junk” as they begin your enhanced pat-down.

Just know this … Even though the MSM isn’t covering this as intensely as they would have two or so years ago, the American people are. Vote in the online poll and see the results.

The terrorists really are laughing at us.


Napolitano: ‘Adjustments,’ ‘More to Come’ on Women in Hijabs Undergoing Airport Full-Body Pat-Downs

When asked today if she will insist that Muslim women wearing hijabs must go through full body pat downs before boarding planes, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano did not say yes or no, but told CNSNews.com there will be “adjustments” and “more to come” on the issue.

“On the pat downs, CAIR [the Council on American-Islamic Relations] has recommended that Muslim women wearing hijabs refuse to go through the full body pat downs before boarding planes,” CNSNews.com asked Napolitano at a Monday press conference. “Will you insist that they do go through full body pat downs before boarding planes?”

Look, we have, like I said before, we are doing what we need to do to protect the traveling public and adjustments will be made where they need to be made,” Napolitano responded. “With respect to that particular issue, I think there will be more to come. But, again, the goal here, you know, we’re not doing this just to do it. We’re doing it because we need to keep powders and gels and liquids off of planes that are unauthorized just as we need to keep metals off of planes …”

Uh huh …

3 thoughts on “UPDATED – ATTENTION Thanksgiving Travelers: Nov. 24th Is National “OPT OUT!” Day …”

  1. Every day is National Opt Out Day.

    If the sheeple acquiesce to having strangers touch their privates or see them naked, there is no limit the rights they are willing to give up in the name of “safety.”

    Don’t make it easy for the state to violate your Fourth Amendment Rights – opt out every time!

  2. Try walking into a bank with a bag over your head and see if they would let you in.
    I am so tempted to do so, but I would hate to wind up in jail.
    But for Muslims…… anything goes

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