How long will they allow him to remain out of prison?

Recently released prisoner of conscience Arnaldo Ramos Lauzerique wasted no time in denouncing the Castro regime.

Just freed after years in prison and refusing to go into exile, dissident economist Arnaldo Ramos has slammed the communist government saying chaos was looming if Cuba did not launch economic and political change.

“I’ll be involved in the same activities I did before they sent me to prison, which were not criminal but opposition” in nature, Ramos, 68, told reporters on Sunday.

Such a strong denouncement within a day of being released from prison is not what the Castro regime and the Catholic Church in Cuba were expecting. And I would have loved to have seen the look on Cardinal Ortega’s cherubic face when he read this quote from Ramos Lauzerique:

“I owe nothing to anybody. I will stay in the country and continue my political activity.”

Only time will tell how long this courageous democracy activist will be allowed to remain out of prison.

5 thoughts on “How long will they allow him to remain out of prison?”

  1. Uh oh! It looks as if Jaime Ortega will have to act quickly and do some damage control by releasing some common criminal–disguised as a dissident–who’ll then–acting on cue–publicly praise the church’s “interventions”!

  2. Releasing prisoners who should never have been jailed deserves no thanks, especially since the jailer admits no wrongdoing.

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