The Generational Divide that is neither generational nor divided

For years now the media, “Cuba Experts,” and certain pollsters like Bendixen have been pushing forth the premise that the Cuban American community is fracturing and a large portion of them are changing their views on the Castro tyranny. Through polling and questionable assumptions, they claim that Cuban American exiles are experiencing a generational divide with its younger members favoring a more pragmatic approach to the Castro regime that includes engagement and dialogue.

Those of us who are active and involved in the Cuban American exile community have always found these findings to be at best dubious since we have never seen the mass change in sentiment towards the Castro dictatorship these individuals claim exists. Nevertheless, we are hammered day-in and day-out with this highly questionable assumption that is always stated as corroborated fact.

A person can believe whatever they want to believe, but facts are facts and no amount of wishful thinking will change them. Bendixen can poll as many “Cuban Americans” as they want, and the “Cuba Experts” can continue to quote those polls and push their premise that there is a shift in the Cuban American community towards a less intransigent and more gentle approach towards Cuba’s communist dictatorship.  In the end, however, the most accurate poll is taken every two years in this country when Cuban American voters go to the polls and cast their vote for the candidate they feel best represents their ideals.

Here the choices are clear, and there are no misleading poll questions or selective use of poll participants to achieve a predetermined result. Standing by themselves in a voting booth, voters are free to make their selection and act out their deepest held beliefs.

Cuban American voters did that this November 2nd, and the results show that overwhelmingly they voted for candidates who have maintained a strong opposition to rewarding the Castro regime. In a study commissioned by the Cuba Democracy Public Advocacy, Corp., the so-called “Generational Divide” in the Cuban American community never materialized. The Cuban American community — faced with an opportunity to vote for candidates advocating a softer stance towards the Castro brothers — chose instead to put their support behind candidates that vowed to maintain the pressure on Cuba’s slave masters. That included an overwhelming number of younger voters who supposedly are part of that generational divide.

Here is news of the report via Capitol Hill Cubans:

Cuban-American Voters Reject Obama Policy of Easing Sanctions

Cuban-American Voters Reject Obama Policy of Easing Sanctions

Washington, D.C. — The outcome of this month’s Congressional elections demonstrate that Cuban-American voters continue to overwhelmingly support candidates who are committed to maintaining trade and travel sanctions against the Castro dictatorship in Cuba.

According to an analysis commissioned by Cuba Democracy Public Advocacy, Corp., Florida Senator-elect Marco Rubio and Congressman-elect David Rivera (FL-25) each received at least 70% of the Cuban-American vote. Both Rubio and Rivera have strongly and publicly expressed their opposition to the Obama Administration’s policy of unilaterally easing sanctions towards the Castro regime. Meanwhile, Rivera’s opponent, Joe Garcia, a former Obama Administration official who is closely identified with its Cuba policy, received less that 18% of the Cuban-American vote.

The data also shows that both Rubio and Rivera defeated their opponents handily in every major Cuban demographic, thus disproving the so-called theory of a “generation divide” amongst Cuban-Americans. In fact, over half of Cuban-American voters were more inclined to vote for Rivera due to his efforts as a FL state legislator to strengthen sanctions.

“The message to the Obama Administration is clear: the Cuban-American community favors the continuation of U.S. sanctions towards the Cuban regime until a process of democratic reform begins,” said Mauricio Claver-Carone, Executive Director of Cuba Democracy Public Advocacy,Corp., which commissioned the analysis. “At a time when the Castro regime is facing unprecedented domestic pressure and challenges, the U.S. should not bail it out,” added Claver-Carone.

The analysis was conducted by political science professor, Dr. Dario Moreno, who was responsible for Rubio and Rivera’s Miami-Dade polling, and is based on a review of pre-election public opinion polls and a homogeneous precinct analysis of the election results.

A summary of the findings show:

· Marco Rubio won at least 72% of the Cuban-American Vote
· David Rivera won at least 70% of the Cuban American Vote
· Young Cuban-American voters supported Rivera and Rubio only slightly less (-3/-5) than those over 60, indicating no generational divide
· A majority of Cuban-American voters were more inclined to support candidates that favor restricting travel to Cuba

Click here to view the complete analysis.

Cuba Democracy Public Advocacy, Corp. is a Washington, D.C.-based independent, non-partisan institution dedicated to the promotion of a transition in Cuba towards democracy, the respect for human rights, and the rule of law.

5 thoughts on “The Generational Divide that is neither generational nor divided”

  1. Alberto,

    This past election results validate the fact that Sergio Bendixen’s polls are inaccurate at best, but must likely are being manipulated to satisfy the hidden agenda of those who want to reestablish full relations with Cuba.

    The reality is that the majority of the Cuban-American voters are tired of the Castro brothers tyranny and want to see a change in Cuba and anyone this side of the straights that supports cozier relations with the Castro bothers amounts to a continuation of that tyranny in power, the rest is nonsense.

    Couple with the fact that the more overtures the Obama administration has made towards the Castro dictatorship, the more the dissents and opposition human rights continue to be violated in Cuba therefore demonstrating to everyone that Obama’s policy towards Cuba are a complete failure.

    All those that claimed that the previous administration policies did not liberate Cuba and claimed that we needed to try a different approach by embracing Obama’s policies in hope of achieving political change in Cuba; have ended up with eggs all over their faces.

  2. “A just-released poll conducted by Andy Gomez, associate provost at the University of Miami, found that 64 percent of Cuban-Americans in Miami now support a unilateral lifting of the travel ban. Notably, all age groups, including the typically conservative old guard, support such a change. If Congress fails to act, Obama could even lift the travel ban by executive order. “I think the chances of that have gone up with the announcement of prisoner releases,” says Philip Peters, a Cuba expert at the Lexington Institute.”

    “Cuba-Experts” at Newsweek quoting “Cuba-Experts” at Univ. of Miami and Lexington Inst.:

    “Mr. President, tear down this wall… er… travel ban! Nearly two-thirds of Cuban-Americans living in Miami believe the island would be better off if the U.S. government’s travel ban were lifted, according to a new University of Miami study.
    The apparent change in attitude toward the travel ban could give Democrats — who’ve already said they have the votes to pass the Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act — the political capital to push through changes later this year.

    “Cuba-Experts” at Miami New Times quoting “Cuba-Experts” at Univ. of Miami:

  3. Humberto,

    Looks like Sergio Bendixen assisted Andy Gomez with those polls. I no longer trust these polls as it is obvious they’re not accurate at best (if anything their results are manipulated).

    All I say if this was the case, Joe Garcia would have been elected to Congress on November 2.

  4. The horrible thing about the people in the mainstream media who uncritically and enthusiastically repeat via countless articles and editorials the results of these polls is that at this stage of the game, they probably know that they are less than accurate, but they have an agenda–total capitulation to the castro tyranny– and they understand that as long as they keep on repeating these phony results, they will become “truth.”

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