Adolfo Fernández Saínz arrives in the United States


Adolfo Fernández Saínz, one of Cuba’s prisoners of conscience who recently was fortunate enough to have Cardinal Ortega negotiate and facilitate his banishment from Cuba and forced exile to Spain, has arrived in the United States. Fernandez can count himself as one of the lucky few who Cardinal Ortega found worthy enough to interrupt one of the Church’s wine and cheese parties with the Castro regime in order to help him get deported from his own country. Truly a selfless man, this Cardinal; a model shepherd for the flock.

All of us in the Cuban exile community welcome Fernandez to the land of freedom. Here he is free to express himself as he pleases, and the inalienable rights endowed to him by the Creator will not be trampled. There is also one other very important benefit of living in a free country: He will not have to worry about a criminal regime, a foreign government, and an immoral Catholic prelate deciding his fate and the fate of his family.

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  1. Welcome, Adolfo. And thank you for your sacrifices. We are trying to keep the USA “free”, and look forward to the day Cuba is free of its chains.

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