9 thoughts on “What do Nancy Pelosi and Fidel Castro have in common?”

  1. List what Nancy Pelosi and Fidel Castro have in common = BOTH ARE …

    (a) Ugly as hell
    (b) Marxists
    (c) Hypocrites
    (d) Liars
    (e) Enemies of America
    (f) Popular in San Francisco
    (g) Morons
    (h) Opportunists
    (i) Scum
    (j) Walking skeletons
    (k) Friends of Obama
    (l) Comemierdas

  2. (m) Evil
    (n) Insanely wealthy, yet pretend to be “commoners”
    (o) Not welcome in Little Havana
    (p) Losing their grip on power
    (q) Disasters for humanity
    (r) Useful idiots
    (s) Leftist dingbats

  3. (t) Living in Liberal lala land
    (u) Have never worked a real job
    (v) Threats to our freedom
    (w) Tools of international socialism
    (x) Crooked
    (y) Corrupt
    (z) Whiny BITCHES! 🙂

  4. Both have had surgery to add colostomy bags to their body.

    Fiddy wears his on his leg.

    Nan on her face.

    Sorry … I had to go there.

  5. Yes, but Pelosi has it all over FC. He lost every election he ran in till he seized power, figured “Fuck that shit,” and never allowed real elections again. Pelosi got her job and has kept it because, appalling though it may be, there are enough people in her district that want her in Congress. Next to her, Fidel is like a guy who can only get laid by putting a gun to the woman’s head and, relatively speaking, Pelosi’s a sex goddess.

  6. And remember, don’t hate Nancy for what she is. Hate those who put her and keep her where she is with their vote, thus foisting her on the rest of the population, which can do nothing about it regardless of how much it despises her.

  7. Asombra, yeah but her district is filled with Haight-Ashbury pot burnouts in Che t-shirts whose diet consists of granola and tofu bars.

  8. Agree with asombra.

    American citizens made the decision that her view for the future of the US was not the direction they wanted to see the country go in. She did nothing but represent her constituents which as previously mentioned are just a bunch of pot smoking commie hippies.

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