Four enslaved Cuban doctors defect in Chile

Four Cuban slaves managed to escape their slave master when their master sent them to work in Chile.

Four Cuban Medics Defect in Chile

SANTIAGO – Four members of a Cuban medical delegation that went to Chile on an aid mission after the Feb. 27 earthquake left the group to remain in the Andean nation, Chilean Foreign Minister Alfredo Moreno said Friday.

The defectors belonged to the Henry Reeve Medical Brigade, made up of 72 volunteers who worked in field hospitals in Rancagua and Chillan, and who this Friday returned to the island.

The four Cubans “have not sought asylum or protection, they have simply chosen to stay here to try and work in Chile,” Moreno said.

Interestingly enough both the doctors and the Chilean government are being very careful not to call this a defection, but when a slave escapes, a slave escapes; It doesn’t matter what you call it.

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