Something Else To Add To Your List of “Thanks” This Thanksgiving

The End of Camelot … Finally:

Democrats may still be licking their political wounds this week, but 50 years ago Tuesday, the party was ecstatic over the election of John Fitzgerald Kennedy as president of the United States.

The golden anniversary of Kennedy’s election victory coincides with the end of a Kennedy era, however. Next month, when Rhode Island Rep. Patrick Kennedy leaves office, it will be the first time in 60 years that a Kennedy will not hold elected office in the nation’s capital.

The Dawning Of ‘A Totally New Day’

It wasn’t until Nov. 9, the day after the election of 1960, that victory was confirmed for the youngest man ever elected to the Oval Office and the nation’s first Catholic president.


The late Sen. Edward Kennedy’s thundering calls over the minimum wage or health care have been echoed by Reps. Joe Kennedy and Patrick Kennedy during the past 25 years.

But after Rhode Island’s Patrick Kennedy finishes his last term, there will be no more Kennedys holding elective office in Washington — a point that he sees as minor.

“The legacy my family’s had has been a legacy of public service — not of public office,” Patrick Kennedy says.

Kennedy insists he can be as effective — or maybe even more effective — from outside Congress.


Whatever …

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  1. Took long enough. Too long. It should have been realized much earlier what these people were really about, and it wasn’t “public service,” but rather the greater glory of the Kennedy clan. The majority of voters in MA are anything but admirable.

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