Actually, I Really Like This Idea: The “Ronald Reagan Museum of the Victims of Communism”

The “Gipper’s” 100th birthday is February 6, 2011. While Washington D.C. is a sight to behold another statue to stand and gawk at as if it were some idol worship is meaningless for a man who not only still resonates in this country as the model for a political party, but a man who knew the enemy and faced it without apology. A man whose voice and ideology is just as looked to and as strong as our Founding Fathers’ memory. It’s an outstanding idea.

David Frum:

Let me suggest something: A museum in Washington dedicated to the victims of communism.

The struggle against communism impelled American foreign policy for almost half a century. That struggle was also the central concern of Ronald Reagan’s political life. As much as Reagan cared about the geopolitics of the struggle, he cared even more about the human victims of communism’s brutal totalitarian ideology.

The countries of Eastern Europe are now memorializing their terrible experiences under communism.

A particularly impressive museum has opened in Budapest, Hungary. But Eastern Europe did not suffer alone. Cambodia, China, Cuba, Ethiopia and Afghanistan also have their stories to tell.

A “Ronald Reagan Museum of the Victims of Communism” in Washington would ensure that these stories were kept alive and made vivid for future generations.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington offers an outstanding example to emulate.

The Holocaust Museum has emerged as one of Washington’s most-visited sites. It offers a message that is purposeful as well as mournful. It’s a message propounded from the National Archives to the Lincoln Memorial — and a message to which Ronald Reagan devoted his political life:

The principles on which the United States is built are not mere preferences. Reject those principles, and you are embarking on a nightmare that can culminate in the ultimate horrors of human injustice, oppression, cruelty and violence.

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