“Hahpy Sanksgeeveeng” from the Fontovas!!!

me-teal dadducks

And you poor folks who’ll be eating Guanajo and cranberry sauce…dry, bland–YUCK! No match for baked wild ducks with turnips and sweet ‘taters!..Actually, the ducks are my contribution, two traditional Guanajos will also be on the menu at Abuela and Abuelo’s (seen smiling on far right, while hoisting the harvest of a hunt involving three generations of INSUFFERABLE Fontova intransigents)

Not to forget the sack of cold, salty oysters from the catastrophically befouled (!!!) Louisiana coast!…naturally, I’m unanimously and intransigently nominated for the shucking honors…(this raw-oyster hard-liner intransigently shucks and slurps down three for every one he actually lays on the iced tray!)….


4 thoughts on ““Hahpy Sanksgeeveeng” from the Fontovas!!!”

  1. My thoughts exactly, George.
    I have only seen two of those episodes so far, but these shows will drive liberals and elites insane. She is loving doing just that and says so on the program. Whatever her fate in the future, to become my president or just to be a king maker or whatever, I adore Sarah Palin!

  2. Honey,

    If anything I think that Sarah Palin is using that show to counter the perception the American people have of her as consequence of the very negative and successful publicity campaign the MSM staged against her from the moment she was nominated to be John McCain’s running mate.

    Unfortunately many Americans have bought into the negative perception of Sarah Palin unfairly sold to them by the MSM and this continues to be her main obstacle in her political career.

    All you hear in the MSM is about Sarah Palin lacking political qualifications for office while no one mentions Obama obvious ineptitude to be POTUS as all attacks are directed at her while deflecting attention from the real one destroying America with his Marxist/Socialist agenda.

    In my view she’s selling herself to the American people in order to break the walls erected by the MSM. Time will tell if she’ll succeed, but I suspect the more Barack Hussein Obama screws-up America, the more her political stock will rise and the wall will eventually crumble.

  3. “You’re almost as evil as Sarah Palin hittin’ that halibut over the head!”


    I will pay to watch Sarah Palin clubbing Katie Couric and Co…

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