The International Wine and Cheeser

The great Archbishop of Havana, Cardinal Jaime Ortega, the international wine and cheeser and selfless prelate who is liberating Cuba one wine and cheese party at a time, is traveling to Spain. Cardinal Ortega will fly tomorrow to the same country 53 Cuban political prisoners and their families were banished to, thanks to his tireless work, and to his downing of countless bottles of wine and hundreds of pounds of cheese with Raul Castro and his officials.

But the Cardinal is not going to Spain to visit these Cubans. There are too many wine and cheese parties to attend with Spain’s new foreign minister Trinidad Jimenez, and the former minister Miguel Angel Moratinos. That is all same as far as the Cardinal is concerned since it seems none of these ungrateful prisoners of conscience can appreciate how much work it is for him to go from one wine and cheese party to another, from Havana, to Washington, to Madrid, and who knows where else. The Cardinal will be too busy to visit his unappreciative victims, and besides, none of them have been invited to the wine and cheese parties anyway.