6 thoughts on ““Undocumented” Clown Car In The Circus Known As The U.S. Southwest Border”

  1. What else is new in the southwest. I recall more than 15 years ago a car arriving in the parking lot of a Norm’s restaurant in Santa Ana, where people were coming out of it like sardines, then disperse. I was visiting my mother and went out to watch the traffic, when I saw this spectacle from the veranda. Our federal government does nothing in order to stop this invasion. It sends back a few thousands and that’s it. Then we have the Dream Act, another fiasco in the works.

  2. Did you see the number of people that shot out of that overturn vehicle? I know that someone would accuse me of being racist for saying this, but it literally reminded me of roaches running out of a fumigated stove!

    No wonder people in states like Arizona are so pissed off. But then again, the new cause celebre is the “Dream Act,” and we must all be understanding [tongue-in-cheek].

  3. Mi gente: as Cubans, how can we not have sympathy for these people who are escaping their situation, in search of a better life in this country, the land of opportunity! And don’t you remember when we Cubans were called roaches, chihuahuas, etc.

    Let’s show a little love for our neighbors. Above all nations is humanity.

  4. Yeah, that is the same exact thing it reminded me of, roaches running away from a fumigation (has nothing to do with who they may be or the situation).

    Oh and David, their reasons are not ours. Indeed, many are decent, dedicated, and desperately looking for a better life, I can understand. I can assert that I have personally met many whom if I had the power to nationalize, I would. Yet, in general, I would be more sympathetic if they didn’t wave Che flags in every single one of their shameless marches, you understand? To enter this nation, a superior one, illegally in the millions to then be bashing it, demanding from it, and waiving Che flags seems very ignorant and daring to me, to say the least. Much more so when no one even called them nor allowed them in to begin with. And these without mentioning the criminal elements that are also a cost and part of the scenario. Before being a “latino neighbor” I am right-wing here, there, and anywhere. Latino neighbor to who? Neighbors that have done nothing but prop the cancer that has destroyed our nation, what a neighbor.

    People with such political mindset are not a contributing factor for this nation, a center-right nation, and one build (and maintained) that way by a different type of people who had a different mentality, predominantly a center-right mentality. The last thing this nation needs is such populace altering its demographic in the millions and for the worst, sorry. Look at Venezuela, why do you think such trash had, and still has, democratic support. Look at the big segment of the population.

    Hell, let’s not even look abroad, right here in USA, we have seen enough of this very same mentality take hold in many cities were black people, who sadly share the same political mindset, have become majority to the point of dictating the electorate. We have all seen the results of such policies in these cities, haven’t we? They have all been degraded if not partly ruined – Baltimore, Detroit, Newark, New Orleans, etc. Then look at the states where the white “intellectuals” and hippies also dictate the electorate year after year in favor of a strong leftist agenda, it is all these states that have the higher taxes and biggest deficits, not Virginia. Do they acknowledge this? Do they mature? Do they make changes in their policy? No, they stay in their hole and bring all those around them down with them, plus with false accusations and insults on top of it. No my friend, don’t be so good here, you don’t have to. Oh and for the racist accusations, no, this is not about race, I couldn’t care less about race. This is about culture, political maturity, and mindset. I simply see where the mentality prevails and who are the useful dummies. I know their game and their pawns, no thank you. Enough is enough.

  5. Of course their reasons are not ours. And it always troubles me when I see people waving the che guevara flag.

    But I have to say that some of the hardest-working capitalists are those Mexicans who come here and work in shit conditions just to save up to build their little nest egg or send their kids to school. I used to think I worked hard when I was a corporate lawyer at a big firm working 90 hour weeks. These guys put me to shame. Working longer hours than me, and while I was at my comfortable desk on the 59th floor, they were delivering chinese food in the rain on a rusty bicycle, or washing dishes for 12 hour shifts for less than minimum wage.

    And I respect that they are coming to this country to seek a better life for them and their families. That is sacrifice (especially considering the conditions they work in) and as the son of Cuban exiles who had to start from scratch so that I could benefit, I hold in the highest regard anyone who sacrifices like that for their children.

    Their story is not ours. But their story is still one of hard work, and I believe that this country is one where your determination to work hard is what should get you ahead in life, and I want to make sure that this great land, the land of opportunity, makes those opportunities open to all people, from anywhere in the world. We import the best and hardest workers in the world and that’s why we continue to to be the best.

    Our stories are the same insofar as both are looking to this country for a better life, opportunity, and the chance to get ahead by working hard. Isn’t it only fair that we give them the same chances that we had?

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