Cardinal Ortega refuses to meet with exiled Cuban political prisoners

Since the announcement months ago that Cardinal Ortega had joined forces with the Castro regime to release and deport Cuba’s prisoners of conscience, there have been many people that have jumped up to congratulate the Cardinal. When we called into question his chummy relationship with Raul Castro’s dictatorship and pointed out that he was helping the regime rid themselves of democracy activists, these same people told us he was doing it for the good of the Cuban prisoners.

Well, Cardinal Ortega is in Madrid, and he has an opportunity to prove his supporters correct. The problem is that Cardinal Ortega does not seem to give a rat’s behind about these banished political prisoners who have been exiled to Spain with no support and little help from the Spanish government. In Madrid, he only has time to meet with elite members of Zapatero’s government, and while I am certain he has not refused any invitations to enjoy some fine wine and cheese, he has refused to meet with the prisoners of conscience he helped banish to Spain.

MADRID – Spain’s foreign minister discussed the situation of dozens of Cuban ex-political prisoners taken in by the Iberian nation during a meeting here Thursday with Havana’s archbishop, who declined to sit down with the Castro opponents even though several had made that request.


Ortega, who has refused to talk with the media, said before leaving the island that he hoped to avoid having too much public attention drawn to his visit.

After learning of his trip, several erstwhile political prisoners and exile groups contacted the Foreign Ministry about a potential meeting with the archbishop.

One request came from one of the first prisoners to leave the island in July, Julio Cesar Galvez, who said he was disappointed that the cardinal did not respond to his invitation.

Galvez told Efe that such a meeting would have been a good chance for the cardinal and Jimenez to learn first-hand the situation of the Cuban exiles in Spain.

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  1. No surprise here. Can’t let any pesky Chihuahuas gum up the works of Castro-Zapatero relations and, of course, business. The prelate didn’t go to Spain to hear complaints, let alone accusations. He’s in Spain to talk to his friends, including Moratinos.

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