The Castro regime’s religious ruse

   Cuba's President Raul Castro lights a Hanukkah candle during a ceremony at the Bet Shalom synagogue in Havana, Cuba, Sunday Dec. 5, 2010.

The recent overtures by the Castro regime to organized religious organizations in Cuba may make for good headlines, but everyone knows it is a ruse. The Cuban dictatorship will use anyone and anything to get what it wants, and few things are as disheartening to watch as a religious group being corrupted and subjugated by a murderous and vile atheistic dictatorship.

Though this reality may be lost on some and ignored by others, the reality remains the same: it is all a ruse.

Cuban ruler Raúl Castro participated in a Hanukkah ceremony with the Jewish community in Havana, a first for him and an indication of his communist government’s efforts to reach out to religious institutions on the island.

One analyst described the visit Sunday to the Shalom synagogue in Havana as part of a Castro effort to project “a bit of normalcy” at a time of rising tensions due to the rocky economy and coming layoffs of a half-million public workers.


Castro’s synagogue visit appeared to be part of a recent outreach effort, said Enrique López Oliva, a Havana academic who specializes in religious issues.

“This is part of an overall policy trying to show a growing improvement in the relations between the government of Cuba and the Cuban religious institutions,” he said.

2 thoughts on “The Castro regime’s religious ruse”

  1. The spawn and agent of Baal officiates in God’s temple. But is it God’s house, or merely one used by those who pretend to worship and honor Him, yet willfully make themselves and the house unclean? If these Jews stayed in Cuba for this, they would have done far better to leave. I am not a Jew, but I’ve been taken for one by both Jewish and non-Jewish people, so perhaps I have some Jewish blood. Maybe that’s why I find this filthy farce so exceedingly offensive. Even Cardinal Ortega hasn’t stooped this low publicly, but maybe it’s only a matter of time before he has Castro II giving out communion at mass. One can only hope, for their sake, that the Jews responsible for this are effectively retarded. Be that as it may, dealing with the devil is a fool’s game.

    Given that Cuba’s current Jewish community is tiny, there is absolutely no question that this disgusting ruse is purely for foreign consumption and aimed at getting foreign dividends of one kind or another. The target audience may take the bait, but if it does it will be because of convenience and/or self-interest. At this stage of the game, those who don’t get it simply don’t want to.

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