The fruits of engagement

Ever since travel restrictions to Cuba were relaxed by the Obama administration, more people from the U.S. are traveling to Cuba making the this country one of the regime’s largest source of tourists and subsequently tourist dollars second only to Canada.

HAVANA — More than 1,000 travelers from the United States are arriving every day in Cuba on average, most of Cuban origin, making Havana’s long-time foe its second source of visitors after Canada, travel industry and diplomatic sources said Monday.

U.S. charter companies flying to the Communist-ruled island say business has boomed since President Barack Obama’s administration lifted restrictions last year on Cuban-Americans visiting their homeland, and also loosened curbs on academic, religious, cultural and other professional travel.

So what fruits has this huge increase in engagement between the U.S. and Cuba brought the Cuban people? As of mid-October of this year, 1,220 Cubans arrested, detained, imprisoned, and/or beaten by Castro’s state security.

I don’t know how much more of this “fruit” the Cuban people can bear.

4 thoughts on “The fruits of engagement”

  1. The numbers will only go up, but don’t blame Obama. Yes, he opened the gates wider, but nobody’s being forced to go through them. This sort of thing, as has always been the case, is first and foremost up to Cubans themselves, what they choose to do (or not) and why (or why not). It depends on the individual case, but it’s all too clear that the degree of frivolousness and shamelessness at work is much too high. Cubans, unfortunately, have never been the most serious people, and Cubans who are essentially the product of the Castro system may not even understand what I’m talking about, let alone care.

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