How many?

Take a look at the video below documenting an attack by Castro thugs on members of the opposition in Cuba, and then ask yourself this one simple question: How many?

How many fanny-pack wearing American tourists from Cleveland, Boise, and anywhere else in the U.S. will it take to bring an end to these acts of repudiation in Cuba?

How many one-way “cultural exchanges,” where regime sanctioned artists and musicians come to the U.S. in exchange for hard cash, will it take before the Castro dictatorship stops violently oppressing the opposition?

How many American cruise ships have to dock in Cuba before Cuban state security stops ordering Cubans to attack their own?

How many billions of dollars do we have to gift the Castro regime in the form of credit until a slither of freedom enters Cuba’s civil society?

It is a simple and valid question: How many?

2 thoughts on “How many?”

  1. That argument that a mass influx of American tourists will liberate Cuba from the Castro brothers has more holes than Swiss cheese.

    The Cuban reality is that the tourists that go to the island today do it to enjoy its beaches, drink mojitos, smoke Cohibas, Romeo y Julieta Churchills, Partagas and to screw underage jineteras for a few dollars/euros, the rest is a truckload full of bullshit.

  2. Great pictures of the Esbirros to use when the time for justice arrives. The alibi of these Castro garbage will then be….”The govt. forced me to do it.”

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