South American Communist Despot To Move Into Libyan Despot’s Tent “For The Little People”


Does his selfless benevolence know no boundaries?

CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says he will set up camp in a tent given to him by Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi so he can free up space in the presidential palace for more homeless storm victims.

Chavez raised the idea of moving his office to the tent Friday, telling aides on state television: “Put up the tent that Gadhafi gave me.”

He said it could be erected in the gardens at the Miraflores Palace, and added: “Set it up for me because I’m moving into that tent.”

Chavez has already taken in 26 families who lost homes in recent heavy rains, putting them up in the quarters of the presidential guard.

He told one of his Cabinet ministers during a visit to a disaster shelter that aides should start preparing one of his offices in the palace to house evacuees. “We can stick some beds there, and there’s a bathroom,” he said.

Chavez has been overseeing relief efforts after flooding and landslides that have killed 38 people and driven thousands from their homes.

Gadhafi used one of his signature Bedouin tents when he visited Venezuela last year for a summit meeting, setting up camp next to the hotel pool and receiving Chavez and other guests.

5 thoughts on “South American Communist Despot To Move Into Libyan Despot’s Tent “For The Little People””

  1. Gadhafi looks like he had bad plastic surgery.

    I feel sorry for his surgeon, I’m sure that he has already been devoured by desert sands…

  2. I truly don’t know which one looks more like the missing link. In any event, what a nice show. Nonetheless, it has been, not 28 families, not tens, but thousands of people who lost their home. Even if he invites another family to stay in one of the bathrooms of Miraflores while he sleeps in the dog house and his staff works from the toolshed this is far from a meaningful or realistic effort to truly resolve the matter; again, it’s just another show from a clown who takes his public for cretins. Are his relatives going to house people in THEIR millionaire homes too? Are they, the socialists, going to build houses out of THEIR pockets with all the money they have, shall we say, stolen? Yeah, right… I am saying because I am sure most of these people didn’t even have home insurance given their poverty. Plus, I am sure Chavez is not too fund of such private institutions. Let’s see if he is whiling to cough up the millions needed to reconstruct given the allege nature of his tremendous proletarian revolution. Wait, there hasn’t been much economic nor infrastructural growth in Venezuela since Chavez, all the contrary, yeah…

  3. Gadhafi looks like an even greater embarrassment than Chavez, and that’s saying something. The Simian King looks like a cheap thug, but Gadhafi looks downright retarded, painfully so. Oh, and by the way, a major Mexican newspaper has reported that virtually EVERY member of Chavez’s family is now a multimillionaire. Imagine that. Socialism you can believe in.

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