Not Just “Why We Fight” But How We Fight

MUSA QALA, AFGHANISTAN – NOVEMBER 25: US Marines with the FET (Female Engagement Team) 1st Battalion 8th Marines, Regimental Combat team II on patrol on November 25, 2010 in Musa Qala, Afghanistan.

The only time the media wants the American people to see the horrors of war is when it involves the losses of our own troops. The only time the media wants the American people to hear anything about war is when that voice is speaking out against the war and our troops. The only time the media wants to tell the American people anything about the character of our troops is when one of them surfaces as a human misfit that just happens to be deployed with numerous men/women of valor.

We cannot see the pounding our troops inflict on the enemy. We cannot hear the sharp and stern voices of those who know the depth of the dedication and resolve of our troops. We cannot see or hear the progress our troops have made, and the resulting ‘innovations’ of civilians being able to finally live their lives outside of fear and girls being allowed to attend school.

Our media leads the way of those in our Congress and administration who do not give our troops/military the credit they deserve because it simply just doesn’t fit their agenda of blame America first.

Below the fold find three stark statements by three men that understand the battle and the enemy, and more importantly our brave men and women in the thick of it. They also understand the threat we are facing, and the unfortunate apathy our elected elite leaders are exuding. I encourage you to take the time and read through all three.

And if you don’t think we have females already in battle I’d say that’s about as accurate as we don’t currently have gays serving in the military.

Lance Corporal Kristi Baker,21, US Marine with the FET (Female Engagement Team) 1st Battalion 8th Marines, Regimental Combat team II patrols with other Marines on November 20, 2010 in Musa Qala, Afghanistan. (More pics of the FET @ Weasel Zippers)

Army star: Islam poses threat to U.S.

OWEGO — Army Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin’s first words to an audience of about 300 on Friday set the tone for the three-part lecture on current events and military history he will give this weekend at the Owego Treadway Inn.

“Do we have any Muslims in here?” he asked. “Who’s in here to cause trouble?”

Boykin’s talk on Friday was the first of his three-part discussion, “America and the Greatest Threat of our Time.” His lecture will continue with the second and third installments today at 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. at the Owego Treadway Inn.

“I believe today we face as great a threat as we faced in 1776,” Boykin said. “The situation in America is much far more serious than most Americans realize, and there’s no longer any excuse for not knowing.”

That threat, he said, is Islam.

“You need to remember one thing from tonight’s presentation,” Boykin told the audience. “Their objective is to replace our Constitution with Sharia Law.” […]

A Senior Marine Calls It as He Sees It

[…] Our distress at the lack of coverage over Lt Kelly’s death is well justified. Lt. Kelly is not the only fallen brother ignored by those who owe him their freedom. Allow me to rant for a bit:

Those who have never gone into harm’s way or have nobody in their family (or among their close friends) serving just don’t give a damn (with few exceptions). The Congress doesn’t give a damn – they just want votes. The media doesn’t give a damn – they just want ratings. And, the president certainly doesn’t give a damn – he just wants worship.

On the whole, the American people don’t give a damn. They are complacent, will sacrifice their freedom for their comfort and financial security, and in the process fail to realize they are losing both. A recent poll shows that more than 40% of Americans would reelect a president who has shown open contempt for this nation to the highest office in the land – again.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet while sitting in the dirt and watching their “six”, sucking down water from a rubber bladder and cinching their war belts, America’s best may get to wolf down a hot Thanksgiving “tray-ration” between combat patrols. […]

Half a world away, America’s best were up before the sun to listening to the chilling pre-dawn wail of the muezzin’s fajr and the staccato sounds of war. They will remain in that dark place thanking God that they have lived another day while sounds of hell pound relentlessly in their ears. They will stay until their unit rotations or their lives come to an end. Back “home”, the dimwitted at the shopping malls and most of those still in the safety of their beds have not given our best Americans a second thought. […]

Lieutenant Kelly? Well, like our other brothers who have paid the price, his name will be passed from us to our children along that narrow generational column that still appreciates sacrifice and believes there is still hope for a country that clearly appears to be circling the drain. […]

The following is an extraordinary speech given by Lieutenant General John F. Kelly USMC on November 13, 2010 … just days after the death of his son in Afghanistan, First Lieutenant Robert Michael Kelly, mentioned in the quotes above:

[…] There was, however, a small segment of America that made very different choices that day…actions the rest of America stood in awe of on 9/11 and every day since. The first were our firefighters and police, their ranks decimated that day as they ran towards-not away from-danger and certain death. They were doing what they’d sworn to do-“protect and serve”-and went to their graves having fulfilled their sacred oath. Then there was your Armed Forces, and I know I am a little biased in my opinion here, but the best of them are Marines. Most wearing the Eagle, Globe and Anchor today joined the unbroken ranks of American heroes after that fateful day not for money, or promises of bonuses or travel to exotic liberty ports, but for one reason and one reason alone; because of the terrible assault on our way of life by men they knew must be killed and extremist ideology that must be destroyed. A plastic flag in their car window was not their response to the murderous assault on our country. No, their response was a commitment to protect the nation swearing an oath to their God to do so, to their deaths. When future generations ask why America is still free and the heyday of Al Qaeda and their terrorist allies was counted in days rather than in centuries as the extremists themselves predicted, our hometown heroes-soldiers, sailors, airmen, Coast Guardsmen, and Marines-can say, “because of me and people like me who risked all to protect millions who will never know my name.”

As we sit here right now, we should not lose sight of the fact that America is at risk in a way it has never been before. Our enemy fights for an ideology based on an irrational hatred of who we are. Make no mistake about that no matter what certain elements of the “chattering class” relentlessly churn out. We did not start this fight, and it will not end until the extremists understand that we as a people will never lose our faith or our courage. If they persist, these terrorists and extremists and the nations that provide them sanctuary, they must know they will continue to be tracked down and captured or killed. America’s civilian and military protectors both here at home and overseas have for nearly nine years fought this enemy to a standstill and have never for a second “wondered why.” They know, and are not afraid. Their struggle is your struggle. They hold in disdain those who claim to support them but not the cause that takes their innocence, their limbs, and even their lives. As a democracy-“We the People”-and that by definition is every one of us-sent them away from home and hearth to fight our enemies. We are all responsible. I know it doesn’t apply to those of us here tonight but if anyone thinks you can somehow thank them for their service, and not support the cause for which they fight-America’s survival-then they are lying to themselves and rationalizing away something in their lives, but, more importantly, they are slighting our warriors and mocking their commitment to the nation.

Since this generation’s “day of infamy” the American military has handed our ruthless enemy defeat-after-defeat but it will go on for years, if not decades, before this curse has been eradicated. We have done this by unceasing pursuit day and night into whatever miserable lair Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and their allies, might slither into to lay in wait for future opportunities to strike a blow at freedom. America’s warriors have never lost faith in their mission, or doubted the correctness of their cause. They face dangers everyday that their countrymen safe and comfortable this night cannot imagine. But this has always been the case in all the wars our military have been sent to fight. Not to build empires, or enslave peoples, but to free those held in the grip of tyrants while at the same time protecting our nation, its citizens, and our shared values. […]

As I said at the beginning, PLEASE take the time to open the three links and read the pieces in full.

A final thought on this lengthy post … I really wish our elected class and the administration, and now the higher-ups of our military, would put as much energy and concern into the actual battle(s) on the ground in Afghanistan, and by that the safety and success of our troops, as they seem to be concentrating on the sexual habits of our military and the political games they are playing in D.C. with it all. It has now gotten to the point where our troops are hearing their commanders actually encouraging them to ‘resign’ if they, the troops, feel they cannot serve in the military branches with openly gay comrades should DADT (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell) be repealed. Yes, the brass are now inviting the ranks to abandone the fight and the service during a time of an active war and a fragile peace in two theaters of operation.

Unbelievable … Is THIS anyway to maintain a decent troop/military morale during such a critical time? It’s been said, “Our military is at war, but America is at the mall …” Yeah, but worse, our military/troops are at war and our elected elites and the brass are in our military’s pants.

Finally, as I introduced you to a week or so back, some War Porn from just last month. Right around the time Lt. Kelly was KIA in Afghanistan. You see, while the media, and even the elected class, like to wave around the number of troops we have lost in the war, they never seem to point out that for every one of our troops that sacrifices his/her life our troops have pounded into dust many more of the enemy in return:

Not acknowledging or recognizing the number of enemy combatants killed, but arrogantly and disdainfully pointing out the unfortunate collateral civilian deaths, is a major affront to the successes of our military that has given its all for the last nine years in both these troubling war theaters.

And the next time you hear some anti-American/anti-war wanker throw out some erroneously steep number of “Iraqis killed” in the Iraq War by our military, know that they might not be far off the number in some respects … Those people include the enemy KIAs in that number (and not ALL were Iraqis, but invaders from neighboring troublemaking countries), as IF they were undeserving of meeting Allah and the 72 fire-roasted pigs waiting for them in Hell.

Oh yeah, and one more thing, the above photos of our FET Marines … These are women serving in a country that would never give their females such a measure of responsibility or power. The top picture is really quite a contrast when you realize those little girls are usually beaten, disfigured, or even killed for attending school. While our military toils with trying to organize and train the Afghan men into an army and a police force, I am convinced we should be arming the women and training them to takeover the country from the men and ride roughshod over them.

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  1. Yes, do read all of the above post.

    I wish you could have heard Bing West talking about our military. He said they don’t want sympathy from Americans when they are going back to fight; they are doing what they want to do, kill the enemy. West said that none of the enemy has been able to capture any American asset because if they get close, they are killed. He said the reason the Sunis helped us in Iraq was not because of some Kumbaya moment; it was because we killed the bejesus out of them and they realized we were stronger than the Islamists, so they might as well join the winning side. What a pleasure to hear them called the enemy.
    We would not have existed as the great nation we are had the press behaved in earlier wars as it does today. Ditto if, say, Roosevelt had talked the way our current president does. This is war. Americans have to stop being namby pamby and recognize it and thank our troops for their excellent and blessed work against our enemies.

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