Things are so good in Cuba…

They keep telling us things are getting better in Cuba and therefore we should be normalizing relations with the brutal dictatorship that has enslaved the island. Apparently, the news of this improvement has not reached the Cuban people, some of which continue to risk their lives on homemade rafts to escape the slave plantation.

Luckily, the U.S. Coast Guard is there to let them know that things certainly are getting better in Cuba and provide them with a free ride back to the workers’ paradise.

Coast Guard ships would-be migrants back to Cuba

Seventeen Cubans found at sea over the last week, some in in home-made rafts, were returned to Cuba Saturday morning. An eighteenth would-be migrant was taken to the U.S. Navy base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to determine if asylum in a third country is possible.

2 thoughts on “Things are so good in Cuba…”

  1. Alberto,

    Are you asserting that the reason the U.S. Coast Guard returns balseros back to the Island is because they believe matters “certainly are getting better” on the Island?

    Perhaps I misunderstood you.

    Also, I’m sure you’re well-versed enough on Cuban and US diplomatic affairs to fathom why it is exactly balseros, those who fail to make it to dry land, are resent to the island. Furthermore, and most significantly, there is truly only one enemy here, and that is the Cuban government. Let us not forget that fact. The day the embargo is lifted, then perhaps (and sadly, I must add) I will be speaking a different tune.

    Saludos to the Babalu familia,

  2. Enrique:

    My reference to the Coast Guard was a sarcastic attempt on my part to illustrate the ludicrous role as Castro’s border guards this country has allowed one of its military branches to undertake.

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