“We Can’t Just Leave It Up To The Parents”


I understand the First Lady has a sweet tooth for crustaceans … lobster and shrimp. I have also noted the many parties that have been held at the White House, and know it has not been all low calorie, wholesome foods served. Their Thanksgiving alone made my family spread look like a can of beans over a can of spent Sterno under the local city bridge.

I look at this from two different angles.

1. I have been griping for years that what people are buying with their food stamps should be regulated by the government. I’m not seeing all the wonderful nutritious raw foods Michelle is championing at the check out. Oh, but we’re not allowed to insist on that. On that note, if the government is funding these school meals then, yes, the government will (and should) demand the best nutrition choices possible for our tax dollars.

2. My problem is, their next stop will be your kid’s home-bagged lunch. Count on it. I have, over the last couple years, already heard stories of some public schools confiscating items from lunch boxes/bags. If my kid is on the government school meal program then he/she eats what’s on the daily menu. If I pack my kid’s lunch it’s none of the school’s business what is in it … even if it’s peanut butter, candy bars, chips, soda or horse hay. And then they’ll be in my own kitchen and at dinner table

Michelle also sees our chunky kids as a “national security threat” … Hell, as long as we’re not talking about Islamic jihadists, or illegal aliens gliding across our borders.

3 thoughts on ““We Can’t Just Leave It Up To The Parents””

  1. Look at Obama’s facial expression. It was even more pronounced when he stood by and watched a haggard-looking Bill Clinton speak for him recently. It’s a snotty, condescending, ridiculously self-satisfied sort of smirk that says “Yeah, look how my people do my bidding and stick up for me, as well they should, ’cause I’m the shit.” It’s really quite blatant, something a truly savvy politician would studiously avoid (unless, like Charles Rangel, he knew he’d get the votes no matter how obnoxious his attitude might be). The problem with Obama, or one of them, is that his self-image is delusional. One might call it “anorexia politica,” wherein the afflicted, no matter how inexperienced, wrongheaded and incompetent, looks in the mirror and sees a Great Statesman for the Ages.

  2. asombra,

    The Marxist, Muslim, anti-American bullshit artist arrogance is not going to fix the many internal/external problems America faces today. Only sound conservative policy will do fix these problems and either he or Bill Clinton and the rest of the Democrats are totally incapable today of formulating those policies.

    I believe that America today it is at a much greater peril that ever was in the 1990’s and what worked in the nineties may not work now.

    In testament to Obama’s incompetence is the fact that he inherited a bad economy and a world in turmoil from the previous administration and he has managed to gradually make it worse to the point that we don’t know where and when the other shoe will drop.

    Even this new Republican avalanche in Congress, Governor seats and the Senate will have the work cut out for them to fix our numerous problems today.

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