A Cuban in Nebraska

I never tire of hearing stories of Cubans doing well in the most diverse and unexpected places. It illustrates the resolve of our people, and why a half century later we are still struggling for freedom.

Meet Alberto Guedes, a Cuban who opened a Cuban restaurant in a small town in Nebraska, and is reaping the rewards for his efforts.

La Havana is the real deal: A Cuban restaurant in Oconto

OCONTO — When he first opened La Havana restaurant in Oconto, Alberto Guedes was worried about relying on such a small town for his livelihood.

The first few days he was in business, he sold a lot of hamburgers because people were a little leery of trying the Cuban cuisine he specializes in.

That was six months ago. Now, not only are customers enjoying his Cuban dishes, but they also are ordering them in Spanish.

Guedes said the spices he uses are different than one would expect. Not only is the food milder than Mexican food, but Cuban spices give the food a different texture, color and flavor.

At lunchtime, his little restaurant is usually full starting about 11:30 a.m. The crowd follows a group of daily coffee drinkers that start coming in when the doors open.

5 thoughts on “A Cuban in Nebraska”

  1. I swear to God. Somebody around the neighborhood is cooking congri. I just got a whiff of it.
    Alberto’s story is the norm Not the exception.
    Good for him!!

  2. Americans seem to love fried plantains, both the sweet and the green types. I wonder where he buys the Cuban staples: yucas, malangas, boniatos, plantains, etc.. Not easy to come by in Nebraska!

    Nice story.

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