Crying over a Cuban atrocity

Cigar smokers in the U.S. are suffering because of new airport security measures that take a closer look at cargo arriving on flights. It seems illicit Cuban cigars coming from Europe are now being found more often and confiscated to the chagrin of American cigar smokers.

It is truly a Cuban atrocity, and one that has led some American cigar smokers to shed tears:

The confiscations in Chicago and plans to destroy the seized cigars have created a buzz in the U.S. cigar community, with some enthusiasts expressing outrage. Chat-rooms on Cigar Aficionado magazine’s website are flooded with talk about the seizures, with many commentators bemoaning how difficult it might become to acquire Cubans.Others saw opportunity in the confiscations.


One online commentator suggested that aficionados gather near where the cigars will be destroyed in Chicago to “cry and then breathe in the nice smoke.”

Enslaving an entire nation is bad, and imprisoning hundreds of thousands of innocent Cubans and murdering tens of thousands more is even worse. But when you start destroying Cuban cigars, that is the last straw it seems.

It makes you wonder if Cuba’s prisoners of conscience were cigars, would people finally give a rat’s behind about what is going on in Cuba.

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  1. You’d better believe these Cigar Aficionado types are more interested in Cuban cigars than the Cuban people. A Cuban is just a Cuban, but a good cigar is a smoke.

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