It Always Feels Like Somebody’s Watching You


Yesterday my son-in-law informed me of a site you can go to and make a personal Santa video message for your toddler, child, or an adult. I’m having a blast with it. I even made one for my 22 year old daughter Kate at medical school and it’s in her email (added a picture of that fabulously expensive car she hopes to someday own). You give very brief information about the child/person and then can upload pictures to personalize Santa’s book. Be sure to use the crop option if your pictures need adjusting to fit. Easy enough for me!

The site is Portable North Pole (PNP). There is no obligation, and it’s free. It will ask you if you want to become a registered member but you can decline. You can even download PNP’s free application for iPhone, iPod and iPad. I can’t say if there is a language option, however.

It really is pretty cool. I can’t wait for the looks on the kids’ faces when I sit and watch their videos of Santa addressing them by name and showing pictures of them (as if he’s been ‘watching’ all year).

Anyhow, I thought you all might enjoy it as well. Let me know what you think …

4 thoughts on “It Always Feels Like Somebody’s Watching You”

  1. Hey, Thanks for passing that along. I sent one to my 11 yer old daughter and the expression on her face was priceless!!!! Can’t wait for my eight year old to see his. Thanks again.

  2. My 10 year old Lizzie just watched hers. She was mesmerized. Was really surprised to see the pictures of herself in Santa’s book, and the picture of the toy she wants.

    Can’t wait for my 5 yr old Grandmonkey Michael to see his, and 2 yr old Sophia too … Although she pitched quite the fit at the mall when her parents tried to put her on Santa’s lap.

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