A message to Castro’s military: Avoid a Tiananmen

At the U.S.-Cuba Democracy PAC Christmas Luncheon yesterday at the Biltmore Hotel, retiring Cuban American Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart had a message for Castro’s military.

“I have a message for the armed forces of Cuba,” he told the packed audience at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables. “Help the Cubans free themselves from the Castro brothers. If you help with the transition to democracy, you will enjoy the role that all armed forces should have in a democratic society … and not the guaranteed repudiation of a Tiananmen,” he said.

1 thought on “A message to Castro’s military: Avoid a Tiananmen”

  1. There is daily another version of Castro stampeding on the rights of individual Cubans. If they had the tanks, they would use them. It was that picture of that brave young man facing down that tank that found its way into the world news media that was so astonishing.
    The only difference with Cuba is that the world press is not willing to show everywhere the daily thuggeries of the regime. If even one of the beatings of the ladies in White or blockading of a mother who wishes only to visit the grave of her son, another victim of their horrors, were shown on world news, wouldn’t that be refreshing?
    I watched a dramatization on public television from England on the new version of Masterpiece Theater. It was on the dangerous days of negotiations in South Africa and the world’s interest. I wondered why there is so much indifference in the world about Cuba. It’s because Cuba is a communist country. It was communists who were supporting the rebel movement in South Africa, so the indignant world press against apartheid was natural. But when the terror is CAUSED by communists, there seems to be no world press activism or interest against that.

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