Cuban Math Quiz

Guamá has a math quiz. See if you can figure out the answer:


A ton of rice produced in Cuba costs $250, while the same ton of rice costs $500 when imported.

To this add the cost of freight, port costs and storage, inspection costs, ground transportation, loading and unloading, salaries of personnel, communication and documentation costs related to exportation and customs, and the expenses of the functionaries from the ministry and their family members that travel to negotiate the contracts for the importation.

All these items provide a cost at the destination port, then to this total add: the cost of rice stolen from the trucks, transportation and storage costs, distribution costs, and rice stolen at the scales.

After adding up all of these entries, answer the following question:

Why does the Cuban economy not add up and Cubans continue eating shit?

Discuss your answer in straightforward language, pleasantly, and in an easy to understand and/or coherent manner.

Answers may be posted in the comments section.

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