Monkey-boy Chavez’ Coup

monkey chavez banana
The media may be ignoring it, and the OAS may never mention one single word about it, but the Venezuelan people know that they have a dictator by the name of Hugo Chavez Frias.

Venezuelan opposition decries Chavez ‘coup’

(AFP) CARACAS — Incoming opposition legislators decried as a “coup d’etat” new laws that clamp down on press freedoms and grant President Hugo Chavez sweeping new powers.

The mood was echoed in Washington, where an influential US lawmaker urged the regional Organization of American States (OAS) bloc to stand up against the Chavez “tyranny.”

The calls come after laws were pushed through Venezuela’s National Assembly by the ruling Socialist Party just weeks before a new assembly, in which pro-Chavez legislators lose their supermajority, takes office on January 5.

The measures include granting the president temporary power to decree laws, restricting Internet content and broadcast media freedoms, and punishing legislators who switch parties.

“We energetically condemn the coup d’etat that is taking place by the regime,” read a statement from the 67 opposition legislators set to take office in January.

They believe that supporters of Chavez, a key ally of Communist Cuba, “intend to implant a communist system in Venezuela through a totalitarian and militarized state.”

The statement called on the Venezuelan people “to unite, to reject and peacefully activate themselves” against the “absolute concentration of power in the hands of the president of the republic.”

The government “has become a tyranny that the Venezuelans should defeat, and will defeat,” added the statement.

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