The perverse love affair

The perverse love affair liberals have with leftist despots has been well documented and exposed, though the vast majority of them are too obtuse to recognize their own immorality. Nevertheless, we must continue to expose their licentiousness not only in the hope it may open the eyes of some, but also to document their callous and indefensible acts.

The International Center for Photography in New York is currently holding an exhibit titled “Cuba in Revolution.” The announcement in the New York Times describes the event as such:

International Center of Photography: ‘Cuba in Revolution,’ through Jan. 9. Too bad Fidel Castro cannot come to New York to see this show. It would warm his heart and make him pine for the glory days of the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, when his tiny, swashbuckling band of soldier intellectuals overthrew the corrupt government of Fulgencio Batista and prevailed over the forces of corporate capitalism and organized crime. The stirring tale of the rise and triumph of the Fidelistas is told by 180 pictures made by 30 photojournalists, including native Cubans like Raúl Corrales and Alberto Korda and international superstars like Henri Cartier-Bresson and Burt Glinn. 1133 Avenue of the Americas, at 43rd Street , (212) 857-0000, (Ken Johnson)

As the left is wont to do, murderous, brutal, and repressive dictators such as Fidel are portrayed as a swashbuckling soldier intellectuals. To the liberals at the New York Times, Fidel Castro’s implied adherence to Marxist principles washes clean the blood shed from hundreds of thousands of innocent Cubans. Thankfully, Cubans who have suffered the vileness of Castro and his revolution are not the only ones that recognize this immoral and inexcusable love affair. There are others that are just as disgusted.

Blogger Jim Miller, who emailed me regarding this exhibit, had this to say after reading the announcement in our “newspaper of record” of a photographic exhibit glorifying the most heinous dictatorship in the western hemisphere:

I read that several times before I decided that Ken Johnson was not being sarcastic.  (If he were, he would have had to give us a tip somewhere in the notice, and he didn’t.)

In the print version, that notice was illustrated by a large photo of Che Guevara at the top of the page.  (He’s described as “movie-star-handsome”.)  So some editor agreed with Johnson that this notice — which gives us an entirely positive view of the Cuban communists — deserved our attention.

The ICP appears to be an important photography center, and the New York Times is, as I said (perhaps unnecessarily), our newspaper of record.

I can not imagine an exhibit, anywhere in the Western world, that honored Nazis in the same way, getting a similarly positive notice.

While the left continues their lascivious affair with bloodthirsty tyrants, we and others will continue to expose them. We have an obligation to do so. If we ignore it, we become complicit in the affair.

One day — perhaps soon, or perhaps a long time from now — these lovers of evil will have to answer for their actions.

2 thoughts on “The perverse love affair”

  1. It always astonishes (and totally sickens) me how the left continues to be blind to the tens of millions (mostly unarmed and innocent non-military) slaughtered by their commie/Marxist forefathers.

    There are two ‘prisons’ in Cuba … One where people are held for their opposition ‘opinions’, tortured, sickened and beaten, starved with no hope of anyone speaking out loudly in defense and concern for them in the strongest nation in the world. And then there is that dreaded prison where men are kept whose only crimes were killing US troops, planning the death and destruction of American citizens … A prison where those being held have gained on average 20 pounds with foods prepared carefully to their specifications, get exercise time, arts and crafts, access to prayer rugs and ‘holy death and destruction manuals’, TV, access to lawyers, and the screaming voices of support and protest of bleeding heart leftists around the world.

    In the first Cuban prison those being held want their freedom.

    In the second prison those being held do not want to return to their ‘homes’.

    The left doesn’t support those in the first Cuban prison because they aren’t enemies of the US.

    The left supports those in the second prison because they have vowed to completely destroy the US and either enslave or slaughter her people.

    Lines are deeply drawn in the sand of the world right now. Enemies of enemies are allied.

    Of those two sets of Cuban prison(s’) prisoners which would you rather see fully armed and shooting?

  2. Perverse? That’s too nice a word for it, but it’s a moot point. It’s simply politically correct, which is ALL that far too many people need or care about.

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