Something to think about…

Zoé Valdés gives us something to think about…

There is one difference that we have yet to reflect upon. While President Fulgencio Batista openly placed two communist ministers in his government — we are talking about the communism of the era, of the 1940s — much later, Fidel Castro, under a different communism, hid the fact that he was communist or that he had self-educated himself in communism. He will only confess this many years later, in 1983, when he is firmly in power.

The day in which we study and honestly assess the significance of Fulgencio Batista in the history of Cuba, we will be objective with our history, and we could be different, returning to a certain political normalcy and move into the future without the tainted conscience of an irresponsible generation that led a democracy into a dictatorship.

Fidel Castro was a categorical invention of the American press and the United States.

Zoé Valdés.

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