“Moral Certainty”

“Moral Certainty”: Those are the words chosen by Cardinal Jaime Ortega y Alamino to assure the Cuban people that the 11 prisoners of conscience who have been imprisoned for 7 long years and have suffered countless humiliations and unspeakable tortures will be released soon. He made no demands of the murderous Castro regime, but the Cardinal in essence demanded that the Cuban people who have suffered for 52 miserable years continue to be patient.

It seems that the Archbishop believes it is the Cuban people who must cede and not the diabolical Castro dictatorship. Cardinal Ortega has never made a public demand calling for the immediate release of Cuba’s political prisoners, but time and time again he has demanded that his flock be patient and remain compliant. He has demanded that they trust his words and trust his leadership as they watch him stand by while the wolves devour their own. The Cardinal does not believe that it is the regime’s responsibility to respect human rights. Instead, the Cardinal believes the responsibility falls on the oppressed Cuban nation to continue to endure oppression.

“Moral Certainty”: An interesting choice of words by a disgraced and discredited prelate whose recent actions have exhibited neither morality nor certainty.

Cardinal says Cuba will free prisoners as promised

HAVANA (Reuters) – Catholic Cardinal Jaime Ortega assured on Saturday that “in coming months” Cuban leaders would release 11 political prisoners as promised under a landmark deal with the government.

Speaking at a New Year’s Day mass, Ortega expressed confidence the communist-led government would fulfill its commitment to release the men, who were among 52 dissidents included in the accord he brokered and announced on July 7.

The announcement said the process would take three to four months, but so far, almost six months later, only 41 of the prisoners have been freed.

The 52 were part of a group of dissidents jailed in a 2003 government crackdown that strained Cuba’s international relations.

“A clear and formal promise from the Cuban government exists that all those prisoners will be freed,” he said of the 11.

He and Cuban leaders have previously said the government planned to release not just the 52, but all political prisoners. Ortega repeated that in his mass.

“I have the moral certainty that in the coming months not only those (11) prisoners will be freed, but others of a larger group of prisoners sanctioned for some type of act related to political actions,” he said.

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  1. Lost in all this Ortega hypocrisy is the absence of any talk as to why these people are imprisoned and that the government is wrong for doing so. There is no talk of Cuba’s government oppression of Cubans, no talk of freedom, only talk of the need for Cubans to be patient with their slavemaster. Ortega cares not for a free Cuba, but only for freedom for the RCC hierarchy.

  2. You just got to love how Reuter’s describes it: “landmark deal with the government.” And I ask myself, “landmark?” In what way? Is this something akin to Perestroika, or something? The fact is that this is nothing more than more of the same. The tyrant releases a few prisoners who are then exiled and he receives accolades from the mainstream media and his friends in the USA and Europe. He’s being doing this since the early 60’s.

    Problem is that for the first time something went wrong and the dissidents said: release us, but allow us to say in Cuba or else no deal.

    That said, I’m sure that Ortega does have “moral certainty” that they are going to be released in the coming months. He’s after all in cahoots with the regime to turn up the heat on these brave men until they can’t take no more pressure.

    So, he’s probably biting his time. Interesting, though, how he inserts the word “moral” into it.

    “Moral” is a word that should not be in his vocabulary unless he modifies it with “im.”

  3. Ortega may actually be sufficiently deluded as to fancy himself a new Cardinal Richelieu, when all he is is a lousy, paltry tool.

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