2 thoughts on “How much longer for Mexico?”

  1. Great post, Alberto; Holder sues AZ while northern cities in Mexico along the border are counting and piling up corpses. My only observation — because it wasn’t really discussed in the comments section of your article — is that the warlords are doing a replay of what took place in Clolombia, where they ran (literally) local governments in several localities, and infiltrated all the major institutions, sometimes with violence and other times with philantropy. It then becomes very difficult to shake the stranglehold. But one difference, as you point out, is that decades of poverty in Mexico “makes the narcotics trade not only a viable and acceptable option for many Mexicans, but in some cases an unavoidable one.” The politicians are there to make themselves rich and little else; we should take heed, we are not immune to the same pitfalls. Allowing corruption in government to go unchecked only tears down the social fiber and leads to violence.

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