Mother and Child Reunion: “Please Don’t Disappoint Me”

Follow-Up: After 20 years without seeing each other, homeless Ted Williams finally meets with his 93 year old mother … and she says to him perhaps the most important thing the man has heard in the last few days of sudden ‘celebrity’ in the glaring spotlight of media attention on his current situation, and the horrible life choices that brought him down, “Please don’t disappoint me.”

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I added an update to last night’s post on Ted Williams regarding his earlier criminal record, and his ‘pandering’ habits while being homeless.

HotAir has several video’s of Ted Williams on NBC’s Today Show from this morning. He’s getting a little more relaxed, but does seem to have moments of being overwhelmed. HotAir also has a little more on this reunion with his mother in New York.

For some reason this whole thing is reminding me of the Gary Cooper movie “Meet John Doe“. I’m hoping the media doesn’t create an over-sized celebrity for this man, only to knock him down (as they are known to do) when they see the chance to for their next big story.

I agree with “Mom” … Please, Ted Williams, don’t disappoint us.

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  1. Wow! The dialogue in many of those old movies, i.e. “Meet John Doe” was really good! I hope that Ted Williams does good for himself. I can’t imagine how horrible being homeless much be! This is going to be some New Year for him!

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