1 thought on “Mission Accomplished”

  1. So whats the point in posting and blogging anymore?
    All we seem to do is vent and do absolutely nothing. It is a known fact that the RCC is a partner in the oppression of freedom in Cuba and due to a sick and twisted loyalty to the RCC nothing will happen.
    For one of the few times Cuban Americans have a platform in order to voice their disdain. Its called the Mass. Yet no one will stand and do anything. So why bother posting or blogging? If we who can protest do not then why do we have the nerve to ask those on the island to protest?
    It is hypocritic at best. I am curious though. If the RCC takes up sides against freedom in America will they have a free pass as well? Anyway, I have vented enough already. Talk is cheap and I know that firsthand. It may be time just to give up since all we seem to be willing to do is talk and condemn as long as it doesn’t hit too close to home or rather to church.

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